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Health & Wellness

                                       Do You Want to Get Off the

                                            Hamster Wheel in 2019?

           Most of us have heard  you should want and do,
        that definition of insanity –  what you’ve been trained to
        doing the same thing over  want, etc. Your inside is re-
        and over and expecting dif-   flected on the outside.
        ferent results. Let’s face it,   It’s the same for every as-
        we  usually  do  make  some  pect of your life. So, if you
        progress, but typically not  aren’t highly satisfied with
        at the level we desire. Then  some area of your life, and
        we assume we just have to  if you want to get off the
        work harder. So we do more  hamster wheel of doing the                                                  Free phone consultation
        of what we are already do-    same things and expecting
        ing; work more hours, pack  different results, it has to
        in more activities, take on   start with you on the inside;
        more responsibilities and     how and what you think
        commitments, etc.             and then what you do.
        What about working              The beginning of a new
        smarter? What would           year is a symbolically pow-
        that take?                    erful time to start. What
           When you look at your  would it take for you to de-
        home, your calendar, your  sign the new year with skill,
        schedule,    what    you’ve   tools, information, insights  individual coaching, and         Natasha Sherman   |  Life Success Coach
        agreed to; all are a reflec-  and effective strategies that  customized trainings so
        tion of you; choices based  get you off the “insanity”  that you can “Live by De-               “Live by Design/Not by Default™”
        on what you think, who you  wheel?                         sign/Not by Default”™ and      
        want to please, what you are    I invite you to contact  so we can create 2019 as
        settling for, what you think  me to inquire about classes,  your best year ever!      |  609-689-9063

                                    Start the New Year Off Right!

                      Why Can Some People DROP Weight, and Others Struggle?

        Follow                                                               allows you and your

        a New                                                                physicians to more                 Book Your
                                                                             accurately identify
        Innovative                                                           your body’s needs.       New Years Special
                                                                             With this informa-
        Way to Lose                                                          tion, you will have                and Save!

        Weight and                                                           the ability to make    UltraSlim patients lost an average of 3.5
                                                                                                     inches, combined from their waits hips,
                                                                             better decisions to
        Inches!                       It’s Easy as 1-2-3:          help improve or maintain your          and thighs at each treatment.
                                         Healthy DNA Genetic       overall health.  By providing
                                     1 Testing.                    a holistic view of your health,         Book your New Years special

                                         A Compressive Diet after   you could achieve and maintain     during our sales event and receive
                                     2 Genetic Testing Review.     a healthy weight, taking steps        10% off the price of our multiple

                                        UltraSlim, the only FDA-   to reduce the risk of futures         programs, from January 1 - 31.
                                     3 cleared device for immedi-  condition, and improve energy
                                      ate fat reduction without diet-                               Petito Ross Chiropractic
                                      ing, exercise, drugs, or surgery.   levels and overall health. For   & Wellness Center
                                      Other devices need months to   more information please call
                                      show results.                my office and schedule a com-       1301 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road,
                                        If you are striving to be   plimentary consultation with               Mercerville, NJ 08619
                                      healthier, or to lose weight, we   either Dr. Thomas Ross or Dr.         609-581-1300
        Dr. Joann Petito-Ross         have genetic testing for you. It   Joann Petito-Ross.

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