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Health & Wellness

           A New Year!! Resolutions are

           Made...Brighten Your Smile!!

                                     the whitening gel is placed on  bright, and widened smile.
                                     the teeth. The Zoom! light  Veneers can also give length
                                     then  shines on the  teeth for  to the teeth and give a more
                                     three 15 minute sessions. The  youthful appearance. Zoom!
                                     teeth are rinsed and polished  whitening and Veneers are
                                     and the shade of the teeth is  two popular choices in order
                                     lightened usually three to five  to achieve the beautiful smile
                                     shades. The patient is then  that you deserve.
                                     given a custom home bleach-     Call us today at Excep-
                                     ing tray with bleach to allow   tional Dentistry for a free con-
                                     the process to continue to    sultation. We will be happy to

        Karen Winterfield-Dodds, D.M.D.  lighten for the next 3-5 days.   explain, in depth, your options
                                        Sometimes, due to antibi-  for a new brighter smile.
                                     otics given at a young age or
           There are multiple ways to   dental  trauma,  the  patient’s   Karen Winterfield-Dodds
        brighten your smile. The in-  teeth are resistant to bleach-        D.M.D.
        office light enhanced Zoom!   ing. Another option is to place  109 Franklin Corner Rd.
        bleaching has been proven    new facings or Veneers on  Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        clinically to be both safe and   the teeth. In most cases, very   609-895-8882
        effective. Zoom! whitening   minimal removal of tooth        609-895-8887 (FAX)
        is a technique in which the  structure  is  required  in  the   exceptionaldentistry@
        patient’s upper and lower  preparation for the Veneers.
        teeth are isolated and then  The Veneers give a natural,

                                                                                     HAMILTON  HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTER

                                                                                      LEXINGTON SQUARE: 2131 RT 33, HAMILTON SQUARE

                                                                                          Pain Management | Stress | Anxiety

                                                                                    Explore new options to
                                                                 Photo by ABMP
                                                                                    treat the mind, body
                         Saturday, February 16th                                    and spirit through

                         Reiki Workshop                                             integrative medicine.

                              in Hainesport, NJ
                            Coming This March                                       Muscle Stimulation,

                 Energy Medicine 101 & 102                                          Ultrasound, Laser Light
                 in Langhorne, PA & Lakewood, NJ                                    ACUPUNCTURE

                    For more information & registration call                        Migraines, Women’s Issues,
                                                                                    Insomnia (and many more)
                                609-752-1048                                        REIKI                                      FREE

                                       or email                                     Inner Peace and Harmony,              ACUPUNCTURE

                                         Balance Mind and Emotions,           CONSULTATION

                                                                                    Relaxation                               with this ad.
                                                                                                                       Offer valid through 02/28/19

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