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Senior Living

                                New Sensibilities for a New Year

                                     for some everyday activities  packing a senior off to a long
                                     to become a little more diffi-  term care facility against their   “Soon you may need to make some
                                     cult to handle. It is also com-  will, I DO think it is a cop out   very difficult decisions for your
                                     mon for ailments to become  for an adult child to not step
                                     a little more debilitating and  up and start assuming some            parents and loved ones.”
                                     for memory issues to arise. It  responsibility for care plan-
                                     is also VERY common to enter  ning of their parents.                       Tom Callahan
                                     a  state  of  denial  about  all  of   GROW UP! You’re an
                                     these things, especially when  adult.  Your parents  aging
                                     it comes to our parents.      issues don’t fix themselves.                                Thomas P. Callahan
                                        So often, I deal with  Now that it is a new year, its                              Director of Senior Living Resources
                                     families where mom or dad  time to grow up, step up and
        Tom Callahan, Only Seniors   is experiencing aging issues   make up your mind to help
                                     and failing to thrive. Hospital   your parents instead of letting
           You hear it every year.   visits, instances of wander-  them flounder.
        “What resolutions are you    ing and telephone calls to      Crisis doesn’t have to       2235 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road     Ph (609) 842-9200
        making for the coming year?”   fix minor issues become very   happen. If you need help in   Hamilton, NJ 08619                Fax (908) 315-5140
        To which people always answer   frequent which results in their   planning or crafting a talk   369 Applegarth Road
        the same thing; loose weight,   adult children end up missing   with your parents, give me    Monroe, NJ 08831
        go back to school, read more   work to deal with these on-  a call.
        and take a vacation. What you   going crises.
        never hear is someone saying    When faced with these                  For quick information, please visit
                                                                                Please feel free to submit questions to
        that this year they are going to  issues, I hear so many people
        step up and keep their parents  say, “We’ll let mom decide”                          Thomas P. Callahan, CPC
        from failing to thrive.      or, “Dad says he isn’t ready.”           Director of Senior Living Resources | Archer Law Office, LLC
           As we age, it is common  While I DO NOT advocate                       

                                                                                           HAMILTON HOLISTIC

                                                                                             WELLNESS CENTER

                                                                                     LEXINGTON SQUARE: 2131 RT 33, HAMILTON SQUARE

                                                                                        Pain Management | Stress | Anxiety

                                                                                     Explore new options to
                                                                                     treat the mind, body

                                                                                     and spirit through
                                                                                     integrative medicine.


                                                    Muscle Stimulation,
                                                                                     Ultrasound, Laser Light


                                   “Love looks not with the eyes,                    Migraines, Women’s Issues,
                                         but with the mind,                          Insomnia (and many more)                  FREE
                                  And therefore is winged Cupid                      REIKI                                ACUPUNCTURE

                                            painted blind.”                          Inner Peace and Harmony,            CONSULTATION

                                        —William Shakespeare                         Balance Mind and Emotions,             with this ad.
                                                                                     Relaxation                        Offer valid through 10/31/17

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