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Freedom from the KEY

                                     like something from the 1940’s  they are easy to maintain.
                                     was new) I did what I always  Each entrance to my  home
                                     do and promptly ignored that  now has an electronic lock
                                     old looking, newfangled lock.  that lights at night for easy
                                     About two months later I did  access, has a one button push
                                     the usual, remembered work  to  lock on  exit and  has  indi-
                                     keys not house keys and found  vidual codes for everyone that
                                     myself digging  around  under  comes and goes. The code I
                                     rocks in the cold and dark for  gave to my mother-in-law is a
                                     a dirty key that held my frigid  code she already uses so it is
                                     salvation. It was during my  not something else to remem-
                                     search that the 1940’s door  ber and reprogramming can

        Jill Ryan                    beast with buttons was start-  be done in minutes. Hiring
                                     ing to look pretty spiffy. This  a new cleaning service? Just
                                     time I did not promptly ignore  remove the old code and give
           Approximately one year  the thought of an electronic  a new one. Have a onetime
        ago, I was visiting a local   lock. This time I did what  project that requires access to
        business after normal operat-  I do when I consider a new  the house in your absence? Put
        ing hours to do a service call.  product—I did the research.  in a code and remove it when
        I was greeted by an electronic  The older style of electronic  the project is completed. How
        door lock that looked like  lock I encountered was just  about giving a caregiver a
        something from the 1940’s  that—older. But it was very  code instead of a key? The
        only  with  buttons.  Needless  well made and performed as  code is always ready to go;
        to say I was skeptical; no key,  required with only one prob-  a key, however, may be left
        not  for me.  I  input  the  code  lem, cost. As I researched I  elsewhere or might be under a
        and to my surprise (and relief)  found that the technology has  rock, in the dark, in the mud.
        the lock opened, I was able to  been around for quite a while,   Isn’t it time to update your   Let Ryans Commercial Maintenance
        access the space, do my work  but has not been widely used  lock? Get rid of the key—         help you with locks and other
        and exit in the same manner as  because of price. Fortunately  it is more affordable than
        I entered, gratefully easy. Not  for us prices have changed.  you think. Ryans Commercial   household maintenance. Give us
        being someone to jump on  Modern electronic door locks  Maintenance can change your           a call today at 609-570-5319.
        new  or unproven technology  are not only competitively  key and your peace of mind!
        (not that a lock that looked  priced and highly reliable,  HAPPY NEW YEAR!        


        Mercer County Woman                                                    2                                              January/February 2018
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