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Health & Wellness

                                 A New Year!! Resolutions Are Made...

                                                    Brighten Your Smile!!

                                        the whitening gel is placed on  more youthful appearance.
                                        the teeth. The Zoom! light then  Zoom! whitening and Veneers
                                        shines on the teeth for three 15   are two popular choices in
                                        minute sessions. The teeth are   order to achieve the beautiful
                                        rinsed and polished and the shade   smile that you deserve.
                                        of the teeth is lightened usually   Call us today at Excep-
                                        three to five shades. The patient   tional Dentistry for a free con-
                                        is then given a custom home
                                        bleaching tray with bleach to   sultation. We will be happy to
                                        allow the process to continue to   explain, in depth, your options
                                        lighten for the next 3-5 days.   for a new brighter smile.
                                           Sometimes, due to antibiotics
        Karen Winterfield-Dodds, D.M.D.  given at a young age or dental   Karen Winterfield-Dodds
                                        trauma, patients teeth are resis-         D.M.D.
                                        tant to bleaching. Another option   109 Franklin Corner Rd.
           There are multiple ways to   is to place new facings or Veneers
        brighten your smile. The in-office   on the teeth. In most cases, very   Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        light enhanced Zoom! bleach-    minimal removal of tooth struc-        609-895-8882
        ing has been proven clinically   ture is required in the preparation   609-895-8887 (FAX)
        to be both safe and effective.   for the Veneers. The Veneers
        Zoom! whitening is a technique  give a natural, bright, and wid-  exceptionaldentistry@
        in which the patient’s upper and  ened smile. Veneers can also give
        lower teeth are isolated and then  length  to the  teeth  and give  a

                      Check Off Your Fitness Goals with 5 Tips from

                                          RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center

           Despite best intentions, it  with old friends and develop  into action after a major health
        does  not  take  long  for  those  new ones by becoming workout  event. Ignored health issues
        New Year resolutions to seem  buddies. Look for classes that  take more time and effort to
        insurmountable. RWJ Fitness &  provide full-body exercises for   overcome. Address them now.
        Wellness Center can help! We  added multitasking.          Healing can be a challenge. Get                  WE WANT TO MAKE
        can tackle the fitness and health   The  Center’s  extensive  the support you need for the                     2018
        goals that hit your list year after  Group Fitness program includes   journey back to wellness.   YOUR HAPPIEST & HEALTHIEST NEW YEAR EVER!
        year. Let’s make them a reality  all the latest classes. Find your   The Center offers Wellness
        together. Start by following  fun and watch your fitness com-  Programs for those with special   Simply the best for less
        these five tips:             mitment solidify. (“I don’t want
           1. Stay on track. Clearly  to have fun,” said no one ever.)   health needs. This helps ensure
        outline goals and frequently  Certified instructors modify   optimum recovery after sur-
        refer back to them. List specific  workouts to fit your needs.   gery, injury, or a serious illness.
        steps needed for attainment.  From restorative yoga to high-  You can safely transition from
        Acknowledge improvements to  intensity kickboxing, there is   medical care to post-rehab fit-                                         *
        validate efforts and fuel your  something for every energy and  ness with professional guidance.   JOIN NOW AND Share!
        journey.                     skill level.                    5. Treat yourself. A healthy
           At the Center, members have   3.  Get  your  swimsuit  on!  lifestyle filled with exercise and
        the advantage of professional,  Don’t let winter stop you from  good nutrition deserves to be
        customized workouts through  making a splash. Summertime   rewarded. Enjoy a date with                             *  ONE MONTH FREE      *
        a free personal training session  activities during the off-season   your partner, friends, or solo!   ONE MONTH FREE
        every six to eight weeks. Every  add excitement to cold, gray   Save grandparents for baby-          For You            For You To Share
        twelve weeks, members benefit  days. Picnic indoors, walk the   sitting on date night. When it’s
        from  a  free  nurse  evaluation  boardwalk, and  enjoy  indoor   time to work out, members can
        with an on-site Center nurse.   swimming or aquatics classes.  use the Center’s on-site, compli-  *Free month with purchase of membership.    *Free month with purchase of membership.
                                                                                                                               Some restrictions apply. Must present this
                                                                                                       Some restrictions apply. Must present this
           Continuous     monitoring    The   Center’s  expansive                                     coupon. Expires 1/31/18. First-time visitors only.    coupon. Expires 1/31/18. First-time visitors only.
                                                                                                      Must show ID. Must be 18 years of age or older.
                                                                                                                             Must show ID. Must be 18 years of age or older.
        provides valuable feedback. As  Aquatics department provides   mentary childcare center.        Cannot be combined with any offers.  Cannot be combined with any offers.
        you progress, results (beyond  a lap pool, therapy pool, and   Accelerate your fitness and    3100 Quakerbridge Road, Mercerville, NJ 08619  |  609.584.7600  |
        changes in appearance) are  spa pool. Features include salt-  wellness goals with the encour-   /RWJHamiltonCenterforHealthWellness      @RWJFitandWell      @RWJFitandWell       RWJFitandWell
        reflected in these evaluations.   water filtration, aquatics fitness   agement you deserve. Let 2018                                   8568311_1217
           2. Multitask in a fitness  classes, and aquatics training.   be your year to succeed. And,   Visit today – 3100 Quakerbridge Road, Mercerville, NJ
        class. You’ll benefit from friend-  4. Take care of yourself.  maybe next year you actually   Convenient month-to-month memberships.  Enjoy our complimentary
        ship and a sweat session simul- Don’t be afraid to follow-up on  can make room for new goals      e-magazine at
        taneously. Stay in regular touch  that problem knee or get back  by checking off the old.    

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