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         Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease with Functional Medicine

                                     logical balance of the brain with  know that brain cells have a
                                     its environment. Full circle.  receptor  called  APP  and  certain   Kate Thomsen MD, MPH
                                        Dementia is a brain disorder  molecules and factors interact
                                     that affects many mental abili-  with APP to nurture and support      IntegratIve and HolIstIc HealtH
                                     ties including memory, reading,  the brain cell and its connections.            and Wellness
                                     writing, speaking, calculating,  Other molecules and factors   Dr. Bredesen recommends a “Cognoscopy” for:
                                     organizing, following a conver-  interact with APP causing it to   •  everyone over 45 years old
                                     sation, planning, and reasoning.  create beta amyloid and destroy   •  people at genetic risk of Alzheimer’s Disease because of a family
                                     It can be the result of multiple  the cell and its connections. Both   history
                                     small strokes, brain trauma, or  these APP pathways are useful to   •  people at genetic risk of Alzheimer’s Disease because of an
                                     neurodegenerative diseases like  the human brain. Nurturing and    ApoE4 gene
        Dr. Kate Thomsen and Silky
                                     Parkinson’s Disease and Hun-  supporting brain connections is    •  people who are experiencing impaired cognitive function
                                     tington’s Disease. By far the most  especially important when we   A “Cognoscopy” is:
           The state of equilibrium main-  common cause of dementia is  are young and learning at a high
        tained by the plants, animals,   Alzheimer’s Disease. It causes  rate. Pruning away connections   •  a set of blood tests to determine your vulnerability to the 3
                                                                                                        major subtypes of Alzheimer’s Disease with
        human beings and their environ-  memory loss and progressive cog-  to thoughts and processes that are   •  a short evaluation of your current cognitive function
        ment is referred to as ecological   nitive decline - eventually leading  no longer needed is efficient as we
        balance. Organisms are  interde-  to an inability to perform daily  change our focus in life. Selective        Office of Dr. Kate Thomsen
        pendent. The tress breathe for us   activities and death. There are  pruning of brain cell connections           252 West Delaware Ave.
        and we breathe for them. Earlier   5.5 million Americans living with  is especially important as we age          Pennington, NJ 08534
        in my career as a teacher I was   Alzheimer’s  Disease  in  2017 –  and our brain cells have to deal                609-818-9700
        fortunate  to  find  myself  guided   that’s 1 in 10 people over the age  with less nutritional support and   www.DrkAtethomsen.Com
        into the woods of New Hamp-  of 65. 200,000 people living with  our accumulated toxic wastes.
        shire. I became a teacher-natu-  the condition are “early–onset  Once these amyloid producing       Additional articles on holistic health topics
                                                                                                                  can be found on the website
        ralist, educating young people   Alzheimer’s” - under the age of  factors are in play however, they
        about the web of life. It was the   65. The number of new cases of  “snowball” and destroy more and
        1970s and I was planting seeds in   Alzheimer’s Disease is expected  more brain cells and connections
        a younger generation that I hoped   to soar with the aging of the baby  unless the process can be stopped   Alzheimer’s Disease or another  mone and nutrient replacement,
        would grow into respect for the   boom generation. Dr. Bredesen  by supporting the alternate cell   condition that is responsible.  toxin removal, and healing leaky
        magnificent interdependence and   calls this a “tsunami” that could  supportive  APP  pathway.  The   Further testing may be needed to  gut and leaky blood brain bar-
        ecological balance that exists on   bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid  brain has 4 quadrillion synapses   clarify this. To confirm Alzheim-  rier. Nutrients and herbs are used
        planet Earth.                and put huge strains on our care-  (cell to cell connections) so takes   er’s disease, we no longer have to  to protect and support synaptic
           This  ecology  background   givers and long-term care facili-  a while for the destruction to   wait until autopsy. The new amy-  function.  It  is  a  lot  of  work  for
        shaped  the  way  I  learned  medi-  ties. As climate change appears  be vast enough to manifest in   loid – PET scan will show plaques  the clinician, the clinic support
        cine eventually leading me into   to be the sign and result of severe  memory  loss.  Beta  amyloid  has   and tangles in the brain. An MRI  team as well as the patient and the
        the field of functional medicine.   ecological imbalances, so the  been seen in brains 20 – 25 years   with volumetrics will show what  patient’s support team - but it is a
        Being a functional medicine pro-  human physical body, subject to  before the actual diagnosis of   regions of the brain are most  real game changer!!!!!
        vider for almost 20 years, I have   the imbalances of a 21st century  Alzheimer’s Disease.   affected. The ApoE4 gene will   We are an ecosystem. We
        witnessed the power of this medi-  lifestyle is manifesting more and   Using data from petri dishes,   confer increased risk.   live in ecosystems. We are inter-
        cine as it has matured to become   more chronic conditions like can-  mice, and other models Dr.   The many years of data collec-  dependent beings. We can’t pol-
        more and more evidence based,   cer and Alzheimer’s Disease.   Bredesen has found 36 factors   tion  done  by  Dr.  Bredesen  have  lute our air, water and food and
        clinically relevant, and able to   Until very recently, the diag-  that have to be balanced in order   yielded several distinct types of  stay healthy. We can’t eat non-
        identify and treat root causes of   nosis of Alzheimer’s Disease was  to stop the progression and   Alzheimer’s Disease based on  nutritive foods and have energy.
        multiple complex physiologic  presumed based on symptoms and  reverse Alzheimer’s Disease. His   the predominant imbalances.  We can’t stay up all night and be
        imbalances. The only reasonable  only proven if one had an autopsy  ReCODE protocol (REversing   The main ones are: Inflamma-  able to think clearly. We know
        way to approach health care,  where “plaques and tangles” were  COgnitive DEcline) is unique   tory,  Nutrient  Deficient,  Insulin  this stuff!!! Dr. Bredesen’s Recode
        I  believe,  is  to  keep searching  found in the brain. Dr.. Aloysius  and challenging as it involves   Resistant and Toxic. Each type  protocol essentially replicates the
        for the imbalances that keep us  Alzheimer discovered plaques in  evaluating and treating the 36   will have a different set of lab  mantra I used after my diagnosis
        from  being  whole  in  our  mind,  the brain of a demented patient in  factors in order to provide the   abnormalities as well as a differ-  of breast cancer 17 years ago:
        body  and  spirit.  So  I  was  more  1906. Amyloid plaques are found  nurturing/pruning balance of   ent history and clinical course.  decrease toxic exposures, increase
        than excited and inspired when I  in  all  patients  with Alzheimer’s  synapses  we  call  “normal” brain   Searching out the cause of the low  nurturing protection. Read his
        took the Institute for Functional  Disease and, since 1980, the amy-  function.  Monotherapy  (1  drug   grade infection while healing the  book, “The End of Alzheimer’s:
        Medicine’s most recent Advanced  loid hypothesis has dominated  treatment) of Alzheimer’ Disease   inflammatory damage is the task  The first Program to Prevent and
        Clinical  Training  “Reversing  the research. The amyloid protein  has not proven to be successful.   in Type 1. In type 2 we identify  Reverse Cognitive Decline”. You
        Cognitive Decline: Treating MCI  deposits in the brain form sticky  But ReCODE is brain ecology.   and replace nutrient, hormonal  will be impressed.
        (mild cognitive impairment) and  plaques that interfere with brain  Dr. Bredesen likens it to a barn   and lifestyle deficiencies. A toxin   Dr. Kate Thomsen’s office for
        Early Alzheimer’s Disease”. Dr.  cell connections. Getting rid of  with a leaky roof. If there are 36   from mold or heavy metals may
        Dale Bredesen’s course is based  the plaques has been the focus of  holes in the roof, plugging one   be found promoting the decline   holistic health care is located
        on his many years as a neuro-  intense drug development. There  hole will not return the barn to   in Type 3. There is some overlap   in Pennington, NJ. She is
        sciences researcher, 12 years as  are currently four pharmaceutical  a dry condition. All the holes (or   in these categories as one would   trained in Family Medicine,
        Founding President and CEO of  drugs on the market for Alzheim-  at least most of the holes) need to   expect.
        the Buck Institute for Research  er’s Disease and, while they may  be addressed. The earlier these   The  ReCODE  protocol  and Board Certified in
        on Aging and over 200 publica-  lessen symptoms temporarily,  36  causes  are  identified  and  re-  shifts the balance from synapse   Integrative Medicine, and is
        tions. Better yet, it is based on his  the Alzheimer’s Association has  balanced, the better the chances  destruction to synapse preserva-  an Institute for Functional
        continuously updated ReCODE  said that the currently approved  of preventing or reversing cogni-  tion through lifestyle changes   Medicine Certified
        protocol that has reversed the  medications are ineffective in  tive decline.           (sleep optimization, stress reduc-
        “incurable” Alzheimer’s Disease  stopping or slowing the course of   Before starting  to plug up  tion, exercise, brain training, and   Practitioner. She has been
        in over 200 people and count-  the disease. Essentially we have a  holes, a clear diagnosis is needed.  a ketogenic type diet based on   practicing Functional
        ing. This educational program  devastating and burdensome fatal  A person’s degree of symptoms  whole foods with lots of veg-  Medicine for 20 years. For
        put  together  everything I have  disease with no cure – until now.  can tell us where along the course  etables). Additionally balance   more information see www.
        learned in Functional Medicine in   Dr. Bredesen’s work involves  of cognitive decline they are.  is restored through addressing
        such a beautiful way – all based  an understanding of why beta  Their  specific  set  of  symptoms  chronic low grade infections, or call
        on the interdependence and eco-  amyloid plaque is formed. We  can help us determine if it is  poor  blood sugar  control,  hor-  the office at 609-818-9700

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