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Health & Wellness

                            Skip the Resolutions.

                Rewrite Your Health History.                                                                        Give the

                                                                                                                    Gift of
                                           ing lives. Year after year, the most  about our health. Functional medi-  Good
                                           common resolutions are related to  cine offers you the tools you need    Health
                                           health: We vow to exercise more,  to be successful and optimize your
                                           eat better, lose weight, and take  health  by  making  lasting,  lifelong
                                           more time to nurture our overall  changes.
                                           well-being.                       How to Make Changes That Stick         patients a special introductory rate for a
                                             We often fail because we let our                                       comprehensive, 60-minute consultation:
                                           resolutions float around in our heads   1.  Set realistic, measurable goals.    $199 consultation
                                           in a loose way, leaving us unac- 2.  Start small. Focus on one                      regularly $249
                                           countable and alone at night with    behavior at a time.
        PIH founders Vincent Leonti, MD, and                                                                        This is the time of year to make resolutions to
        Jenna Richardson                   boxes of leftover holiday cookies.   3.  Share your struggles with       lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, and
                                           We sign up for gym specials, but                                         embrace other positive lifestyle changes. These
           The cat’s been out of the bag for   once the free trial period is over, we   others.                     good intentions inevitably fail unless you get to
        a long time. New Year’s resolutions   stop going. We get frustrated when   4.  Get support.                 the root cause of disease and dysfunction.
        don’t work. Santa doesn’t come     we don’t see results.             5.  Keep track of your results.        Find out how our personalized approach to
        down the chimney either, although    Most of all, we fail because we                                        healthcare can transform your life.
        he is trying to lose weight and exer- don’t address the root cause of our   6.  Be kind to yourself, especially    Call 609.512.1468  or visit
        cise more just like the rest of us.   issues. We may not understand why   when you slip up.               
           When it comes to making  we eat the foods we eat or how they      7.  Above all else, be patient. Look
        improvements to your health—that  affect our bodies. We may not real-   at the big picture.
        can  ultimately  save  your  life—it’s  ize why we lack the motivation to
        time to set realistic goals that you  get to the gym. And just because   For more information, or to
        can actually keep. Every year mil- we know we are tired doesn’t mean     schedule a consultation,
        lions of people make resolutions  we know why we can’t sleep.           call 609.512.1468 or email               134 Franklin Corner Road, Suite 101B
        because they sincerely want to live   The good news is, we keep try-                       Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        better, longer, happier, more fulfill- ing. We want to feel better. We care

                  Ask the Prosthodontist: Partial Dentures

                                     structed partial denture can act
                                     in just the opposite way. It can
                                     look great, be very comfortable
                                     and stable and can be used to
                                     chew many different types of
                                        Many patients do not realize
                                     that a partial denture can be a   Before treatment—all compromised natural teeth on top  After treatment—4 crowns and 1 partial denture re-
                                     fantastic treatment for replac-                                          placing all of the rest of the teeth. No metal clasps are in
                                                                                                              the smile, giving a much more natural looking smile.
                                     ing several missing teeth. In
                                     fact, most people do not know
        Michael Scalia, DDS          that a partial denture can be  smile, and very stable bite, were  of expertise to make partial  implants) at the highest level of
                                     designed in a way to not show  achieved.                   dentures (as well as complete  quality. It would be my pleasure
           A  few  articles  ago  I wrote                            Additionally,  a  partial  den- dentures, crowns, bridges, and  to meet you.
        about how properly constructed   any metal clasps and still be
        and fitted complete dentures   very stable while providing a  ture can be used for a time to
                                                                   stabilize the remaining teeth in
        can make a huge difference in   fantastic smile.
        someone’s quality of life. The   A good example of this is  a jaw until someone can bet-
        same can be said for removable   shown in the patient below.  ter afford implants and caps/
        partial dentures (dentures that   This patient had many teeth  crowns to replace the missing
        clip onto the remaining teeth   that  were  compromised  with  teeth with permanent fixed into
        in someone’s jaw to replace the   gum disease. Most of her upper  place teeth.
        missing teeth).              teeth had to be removed. How-   As always, If you would like
           I frequently meet patients   ever, 4 teeth were saved (the  to  know more about  bridges
        who complain that their par- two canines and two lateral  and implants, ask your dentist.         3131 Princeton Pike, Building 1A
        tial denture is uncomfortable,  incisors) and crowns/caps were  If he or she does not offer these      Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        doesn’t fit well, moves around,  placed on them. A denture clip  procedures, or if you do not
        hurts their gums, looks poorly  was built into the back side of  have a dentist at present, please   609.557.3477 |
        and does not allow them to eat  these  crowns  and  the  partial  reach out to me for a compli-
        the foods they want. Please  denture  clipped  onto  these  mentary initial consultation. As
        know that a properly con- crowns for stability. A very nice  a prosthodontist, it is my area   Please See Our Display Ad on Page 11

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