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Health & Wellness

            5 Summer Musts, Shared by

         RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center

                   Add these healthy habits to your summer.
             They are quick and easy, with impressive payoffs...

           RWJ Fitness & Wellness  2. Eat More Fruit              necessary and filter the rest.
        Center helps the community      Satisfy  sugar   cravings  4. Get Your Sleep
        launch a healthy summer.  with the natural sweet-            Summer schedules are
        With guidance from personal  ness of fruit. Enjoy the local   more flexible than other times
        trainers  and  on-site  nurses,  abundance available. Locally   of year. Try to maintain a
        members enjoy a holistic  grown produce is picked at      healthy  routine,  including
        approach to fitness.         the peak of ripeness, rather   three main meals, a regular
           Here  is  how  to  jumpstart  than harvested early to allow   workout, and consistent sleep/
        your healthiest summer. Visit  for travel. Also, these options   wake times. Exercise earlier in   Achieve MORE!
        the Center for more motiva- are more quickly available for   the day to avoid interfering
        tion and other healthy habits  consumption so they tend to   with night sleep. (A morning
        to incorporate into your days. be more nutritious. Variety   workout also assures it won’t   Enjoy all amenities for one low price
        1. Refresh Your Workout      delivers an assortment of anti-  get lost in your day.)          with our all-inclusive membership.
           Consider advancing your  oxidants and vitamins in fresh   5. Care for Yourself
        formal workout now. Give  flavors.                           Do summer your way.
        yourself small, obtainable  3. Don’t Overbook             Ditch the “should haves.”                Join by July 31  to receive up to
        challenges to achieve every     There are two scenarios   Focus on what nourishes                       50% off  membership
        week. The Center offers  before you: 1. an  abundance     you. All you need is simply
        free personal training assess- of warm days and relaxing   summer!                                 during our super summer event!
        ments and programs every six  evenings  continuing  into the                                        Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 7/31/18.
                                                                                                              ‡ Some restrictions apply. Must be 18 years or older.
        weeks, and free routine nurse  sunset; and 2. reality.       For more ways to make
        evaluations.  In  between,  a   The  heart  of  summer  is   your journey to health
        trainer can tweak your work- only about 10 weeks long.        amazing, visit us at         3100 Quakerbridge Road, Mercerville, NJ 08619  |  609.584.7600  |
        out to capitalize on summer’s  It quickly fills with commit-  3100 Quakerbridge Rd,          /RWJHamiltonCenterforHealthWellness      @RWJFitandWell      @RWJFitandWell       RWJFitandWell
        positive energy.             ments. Determine  which  are         Mercerville.                                                          17860139_0618

                                                                                                      Envision Permanent


                                                                                                     by Sandy Marinko, Micro Pigmentation Specialist

             Time to shape up                                                                       Or I Can Create Eyebrows Especially For You!

             for Summer with

             Body Contouring

             20% off VELA

             Last CHANCE...

             melt your fat                                                                            Microblading

                                                                                                icroblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows you to dramatical-
             Get ready                                                                    M Microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment in the basal layer of the
             for the beach!                  Call Dr. Dorota M. Gribbin                   epidermis by a special pen. It does not involve the use of a machine. Unlike permanent makeup
                                                                                          brow  treatments,  Microblading  techniques  in-
                                                                                                                             For a FREE Consultation Call
                                                                                          volves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that
                                             609-631-5043                                 are  more  natural  looking  than  tattooing,  brow   Sandy Marinko
                                                                                          pencil or powders.
                                                                                                                             732-547-0643 (days)
                                                                                          ous pins that are 3 times thinner than the needles   or 732-780-0216 (evenings)
                                                       used in tattooing. When performed correctly, this
                                                                                          tive numbing solution to limit discomfort.  500 Route 33 West
                                                                                                                             Millstone, New Jersey 08535
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