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                                           You Get What You Settle For

                   What are you settling for?
           Do you want an impres-     as our comfort zone. How-
        sively successful business or  ever, the reality for many of
        a good enough business?       us is that our so-called com-
           Do you want deeply  fort zone is really not all that
        connected, enlivening and  wonderfully      comfortable.
        satisfying relationships with   It’s just familiar and that
        the people in your life; or is  seems enough to hold us.
        good enough, good enough?       Again, you have a choice.
           Do you want to have  What are you going to settle                                                    Free phone consultation
        a strong sense of self, feel  for?
        comfortable in your own         So if you are longing for a
        skin, and experience life  more fulfilling life, more joy,
        with a sense of fulfillment?  more satisfaction, you actu-
           Or, is “good enough”,  ally have to be willing to do
        good enough?                  something about it. You may
           You have a choice.         not have any answers, it is
           On some level we all long  okay to be afraid, you may
        for something more; we long  not know where to start, you
        for some aspects of our life  may wonder if it’s possible.
        to change. And then we  How would you know unless
        resist change. It’s probably  you reached out for it; took  actually  start with picking      Natasha Sherman | Life Success Coach
        a deeply embedded survival  one baby step?                 up the phone and calling
        mechanism. We feel at risk.     Watch children learning  me for a discovery call or
        However,  in  our current  to walk. They are fiercely  emailing me.                              “Live by Design/Not by Default™”
        situations, most of us are  determined and undaunted.         One should be more afraid
        not at life-threatening risk if  And they are willing to fall.  of settling than of taking a
        things change. We just seem  Learn from them.              step outside your comfort
        to prefer what is referred to   That baby step could  zone. Life goes by quickly.     | 609-689-9063

               UltraSlim  Professional                                                                  Immediate Fat Reduction

        • Immediate Results.            visit, ranging from 717ml    1 1/8” of fat during the
           All patients lost fat        to 4,608ml (1 5/8” to        week following treatment.
           immediately, without         10” from the waist, hips,    With UltraSlim, patients
           dieting, exercise, pills or   and thighs).                lose the fat permanently
           surgery.                  • A Safer Device.               through a natural bodily
        • Dramatic Fat Loss             UltraSlim Professional       function known as
           At Each Visit.               is the only fat reduction    “lipolysis”, whereby the
           Patients lost an average     device classified in the     contents of their fat cells
           of 1.6 liters of fat in      lowest risk category as      are excreted primarily in
           just 32 minutes (3.5”        a Risk Group 1 device.       their waste. Once you
           combined waist, hips,        There are no side effects,   flush the toilet, that fat
           and thighs) at one visit.    complications, or adverse    cannot come back! Of
        • Works For                     events.                      course, patients can gain
           Everyone. Every           • Durability.                   weight in the future if
           patient had clinically       Patients seen at follow-up   they consume too many
           significant losses at each   had lost an additional       calories.
                                        Clearly Superior Technology. All competing non-inva-
                                     sive fat removal technologies require weeks or months to
                                     achieve the results that UltraSlim achieves in 32 minutes,
                                     at one visit. Most competing technologies use cell-killing   Lose at least 2” from your waist, hips and thighs in just 32 minutes.
                                                                                                Guaranteed, immediate, permanent results.
                                     apoptosis caused by cold, heat, radio waves, or ultrasound.
                                     Those technologies risk dangerous side effects and adverse
                                     outcomes, and always result in dysmorphic fat accumula-         Petito Ross Chiropractic
                                     tions for patients who subsequently gain weight.                      & Wellness Center
                                        UltraSlim’s unique patented  technology achieves
                                     dramatic results in 32 minutes which require months to             1301 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road
                                     achieve with apoptosis devices such as CoolSculpting  or                   Mercerville, NJ 08619
        Dr. Thomas B. Ross           SculpSure .                                                                609-581-3863
        Mercer County Woman                                                    11                                                    July/August 2018
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