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Health & Wellness

              Get Rid of that Thin, Crepey

          Skin or Even Those Acne Scars!!

                                      around the eyes and mouth.  of the robotic device. The con-
                                      Additionally this procedure  trol and sterility of the robotic
                                      has an amazing effect on acne  component of this machine alle-
                                      scars, both new and old.     viate the concerns previously
                                        The Vivace device combines  associated with microneedling.
                                      two procedures that have been  Additionally, after the robotic                               Summer
                                      available for quite some time.  portion of the treatment we add                              Special!
                                      Microneedling, a procedure  a growth factor serum to the
                                      that on its own, gives a minimal  area which stimulate an even                            $150 Savings
                                      effect is combined with RF or  stronger collagen and tighten-                             for Patients who
                                      Radiofrequency, a procedure  ing response.                                                 bring this ad.
                                      that would often give a great   Despite the way this sounds,                                  (good until
        Dr. Sharon Gertzman           effect but was so painful that  the treatment is remarkably                                 August 31, 2018)
                                     it was rarely used. The Vivace  comfortable, rating only a 2
           Finding  technology   to  procedure gives the patient the  or  a  3 on  a  discomfort  scale
        change the surface texture of   best effects of both. However  with only a topical anesthetic.
        our skin without weeks of heal-  in combination, the results are  Recovery is also very easy and
        ing and pain is something that  significantly greater than either  short (less than 12 hours). You
        has eluded the aesthetics indus-  treatment on its own. The  will see some redness and slight
        try for a long time. Acne scar  robotic hand piece, controlled  swelling for a few hours after
        treatment is another area for  by the physician, precisely  the treatment. During the heal-
        which the aesthetics industry  places the microneedles to the  ing process, your skin remodels
        has lacked a good treatment.  level of the skin that the most  itself from deep down all the
        Now there is an amazing new  effect is needed. Once the nee-  way up to the surface result-  Serenity Medical Spa is  consultation today to see how
        procedure that can improve the  dles are at the appropriate level,  ing in a much smoother, more   proud to be one of the first  this  can  improve  the  appear-
        appearance of the thin crepey  the radiofrequency waves are  youthful appearance. This pro-
        skin we develop with age. We  delivered under the skin from  cedure is recommended in a   in the United States to offer  ance  of your skin! Call  us at
        see this all over the face, neck  the needles.  All of this is done  series of three treatments at one   this amazing procedure to our  (609)737-7737 or visit us on the
        and décolleté, but especially  in seconds due to the precision  month intervals.        patients. Come in for your free  web at!

                                    T’ai Chi Chih

                                             is a gentle, moving,
                                           meditation that is taught
                                              standing or seated.

                                                   Benefits:                           Concerned about your drinking?
                                          - Helps increase immunity
                                          - Aids improving sleep quality
                                          - Improvement in balance
                                                                                       Because women are more sensitive
                                          - Helps lower high blood                     than men to alcohol’s effects, the
                                            pressure                                   line between social and harmful
                                          - May decrease symptoms                      drinking can be easier to cross.
                                            of depression                              And a woman's tendency to feel
                                                                                       more shame and guilt about
                                                                                       drinking "too much" can make it     Loraine J. Washton, Ph.D.
                                          Classes offered in Hamilton                  harder for her to seek professional      Co-Founder and
                                                1970 Hwy. 33                           help. Dr. Lori Washton, a clinical     Licensed Psychologist
                                                                                                                                NJ License No. 5173
                                              Register NOW:                            and addiction psychologist and
                                                                                       co-founder of The Washton Group,
                                              609-752-1048                             a private practice in Princeton NJ,
                                                                                       is sensitive to the special needs of
                                            women who want to cut back on
                                                                                       their drinking or stop completely –
                                         Struggling with a                             including parents, executives, and
                                         chronic condition?                            professionals. Contact Dr. Washton
                                         Book a private                                today to set up your private
                                         Energy Balancing                              consultation.
                                                               1000 Herrontown Rd | Princeton, NJ 08540
                                                                                          |  609.497.0433

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