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Health & Wellness

              Patient Comfort Is Job One

                                     the lab requires to create the  ufacturers have finally come up
                                     crown, dentists have had no  with an impression material that
                                     choice but to use a bad-tast- is effective in making a quality
                                     ing impression material. The  impression  without using  the
                                     patient’s focus on that detail  ingredients that caused the
                                     of the procedure shows the  awful taste. We also look for-
                                     importance of all the senses  ward to future technology in
                                     during a dental visit.        which no impression material is
                                        For that reason, dentists do  used. Teeth will be scanned by
                                     everything  we  can  to  create  computers and restored.
                                     a  totally  comfortable  patient   We invite you to call our
                                     experience.  In  our  new  office  office to schedule an appoint-
        Karen Winterfield-Dodds, D.M.D.  design, we strived to create the   ment to start you on the road
                                     most appealing space possible   to  a  healthier mouth  and  a
           The other day a patient  starting with chairs that are   healthier you. Most dental
        came in for a crown, which  ergonomic for the practitioners   insurances do cover hygiene
        requires a temporary crown,  and patients. We have televi-  visits at 100 percent.
        then permanent tooth replace- sions, picture windows, music,   Karen Winterfield-Dodds
        ment. You might expect her  and appealing lighting & décor
        to be concerned about pain  in the waiting and exam rooms.          D.M.D.
        or food restrictions after the  Of course we also practice   109 Franklin Corner Rd. |
        first part of the procedure. But  painless dentistry. Going to the   Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        instead she asked, “You’re not  dentist is an essential health   609-895-8882 | 609-895-
        using  that  awful  tasting  stuff  habit that we want to encour-  8887 (FAX)
        are you?”                    age in every way we can.        exceptionaldentistry@
           In order to make the per-    Fortunately this story has a
        fectly fitting impression that  happy ending because the man-

                           Acupuncture and the Five Elements

                                        The Five Elements are  in spring, or benevolence; and  out among others socializing,   References: Haas, Elson M., M.D.,
                                     derived from the observation of  Fire is exhibited with joy or in   and having fun in the outdoors,   Staying Healthy with the Seasons,
                                     nature and more specifically the  the alternative sadness, lack of   enjoying the sun.  So enjoy the   Celestial Arts, Berkeley, CA, 1981
                                                                                                                             MacKenzie, Janice, Discovering the
                                     changing of the seasons.  There-  joy.  The Earth element is mani-                      Five Elements One Day at a Time, Wind
                                     fore, the Five Elements: Wood,  fested as worry, Metal shows as   summer and good health!  Palace Publishing, New Hope, PA 2002
                                     Fire, Earth, Metal and Water  grief, and Water is exhibited as
                                     are most closely associated with  fear.  Each of us, to be in har-
                                     spring, summer, late summer,  mony with the universe, must   HAMILTON HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTER
                                     autumn, and winter respectively.   balance all of the emotions asso-  LEXINGTON SQUARE: 2131 RT 33, HAMILTON SQUARE
                                     The bamboo springs from the  ciated with the Five Elements.               609.586.6300
                                     ground in the spring, the plants  At times of disease or pain, one   Pain Management | Stress | Anxiety
        Diane L. Ailey, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,  flower in the summer and bear  or more of the elements/emo-
        LMT, Reiki Master            fruit in late summer, in autumn  tions may be out of balance, and   WWW.HAMILTONHOLISTICWELLNESSCENTER.COM
                                     the trees drop their leaves and  through acupuncture, homeo-
           Along with the Eight Prin-  plants wilt, finally in winter we  stasis is regained.
        ciples (see my article “Tradi-  see the plants dead to the root.    From a Chinese Medicine   Explore new options to treat
        tional Chinese Medical Theory   These phases can be compared  perspective health is living in   the mind, body and spirit
        – The Eight Principles” in Mer-  to the stages of human life from  harmony with the Five Elements   through integrative medicine.
        cer County Woman, May/June   infancy and childhood, through  and seasons.  We are currently
        2018 edition), the Five Elements   the teens and young adulthood,  in the Fire phase of the Five   CHIROPRACTIC
        create the theoretical basis for   to adults and the elderly.  Element cycle.  Summertime is   Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound,
        the practice of Chinese Medi-   From these basic associations  energized by Fire.  Fire is alive   Laser Light Therapy
        cine of which Acupuncture is   of the Five Elements to nature,  and expansive.  It is represen-  ACUPUNCTURE
        one treatment modality.  The   the practice of Chinese Medi-  tative in human life by young
        Five Elements are rooted in   cine developed associations  adulthood, a time of physical   Migraines, Women’s Issues,
        nature and express a  Chinese  between man behaviors and  maturation and personal devel-  Insomnia (and many more)         FREE
        cultural and philosophical rela-  characteristics of the elements  opment.                REIKI                        ACUPUNCTURE
        tionship  of  harmony  with  the  and their corresponding sea-  Living in harmony with    Inner Peace and Harmony,    CONSULTATION
        universe.  This is expressed by  sons.  So that Wood is expressed  nature  presents  wonderful  Balance Mind and Emotions,   with this ad.
        the “Tao” or “the way” of the  by man as anger, bamboo     opportunities in the summer for                           Offer valid through 8/31/18
        universe.                    sprouting through the ground  planting and gardening, being   Relaxation

                     “Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.”  – Yoko Ono

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