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                       Colonoscopy for Colon Cancer Screening:

               The Preferred Method to Prevent Colon Cancer

                                     when they grow to be about  cancer, personal history of pre-
                                     one inch in size. This gives  cancerous polyps or colon can-
                                     your Gastroenterologist an    cer, age greater than 50 years,
                                     opportunity to identify polyps   intake of animal fat especially
                                     during  a  colonoscopy  and by   red meat, obesity, sedentary
                                     removing them, decrease your   lifestyle, cigarette smoking and
                                     risk for colon cancer by about
                                     85%. Colon cancer prevention   excess alcohol intake.
                                     is the primary goal of colo-    One day of inconvenience
                                     noscopy. If one is unfortunate   may help save your life. The
                                     enough to develop colon can-  alternative to one day of dis-
        Punitha Shivaprasad, DO      cer, diagnosing it at an early  comfort could be the risk of
                                     stage  maximizes the chance  colectomy, colostomy, chemo-
           According to the American   for survival. Colon cancer is  therapy and even death. Most
        Cancer Society approximately   typically  asymptomatic  at  an   patients state that since a colo-
        140,250 new cases of colorectal   early stage and colonoscopy   noscopy is performed under
        cancers are diagnosed in United   is an excellent test to detect   sedation, it was much better
        States each year. Around 50,630   it. Other modalities such as   than they expected it to be.
        people die due to this disease   virtual or CT colonography
                                     and stool testing if found to be
        every year making it the second   positive, must be followed by
        most lethal cancer in United   a colonoscopy to confirm the
        States. 1 in 16 adults between   diagnosis. Hence, colonoscopy
        the ages of 50 to 75 years can   is the preferred method for pre-
        expect to develop colon cancer   vention of colon cancer. Other
        in their lifetime.           tests should be used when a
           Colon cancer develops from  patient is unable or unwilling to   For more information
        pre-cancerous growths called  have a colonoscopy.                  please call
        polyps. It takes about ten years   Risk factors for colon cancer   (609) 917-9917 or visit
        for polyps to turn into cancer  include a family history of colon

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                                                                  Laura Brandspiegel, MD, FAAP • Stefanie Fiderer, DO, FAAP

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                                                                      “There are two great days in a person’s life—the day we are born
                                                                               and the day we discover why.”   – William Barclay

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