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Health & Wellness

                             Get Rid of that Thin, Crepey Skin

                                        or Even Those Acne Scars!!!

                                      two procedures that have been   Despite the way this sounds,
                                      available for quite some time.  the treatment is remarkably
                                      Microneedling,  a procedure  comfortable, rating only a 2
                                      that on its own, gives a minimal   or a 3 on a discomfort scale
                                      effect is combined with RF or   with only a topical anesthetic.
                                      Radiofrequency, a procedure   Recovery is also very easy and
                                      that would often  give  a  great   short. You will see some red-
                                      effect but was so painful that   ness and slight swelling for a
                                      it was rarely used. The Vivace
                                      procedure gives the patient the   few hours after the treatment.
                                      best effects of both. However   During  the  healing  process,
        Dr. Sharon Gertzman           in combination, the results   your skin remodels itself from
                                     are  significantly greater  than   deep down all the way up
           Finding  technology   to  either treatment on its own.  to the surface resulting in a                                 Introductory
        change the surface texture   The robotic hand piece, con-  much smoother, more youth-                                    Package of 4
        of  our  skin  without  weeks of   trolled by the physician, pre-  ful appearance. This procedure                     Vivace Treatments
        healing and pain is something   cisely places the microneedles  is recommended in a series of
        that has eluded the aesthetics   to the level of the skin that the                                                         for $2800
        industry for a long time. Now   most effect is needed. Once   four treatments at one month                                   (good until
        there is an amazing new pro-  the needles are at the appropri-  intervals.                                                 April 30, 2018)
        cedure that can improve the   ate level, the radiofrequency   Serenity  Medical  Spa  is
        appearance of the thin crepey   waves are delivered under the   proud  to  be  one  of  the  first
        skin we develop with age. We   skin from the needles. All of   in the United States to offer
        see this all over the face, neck   this is done in seconds due to   this amazing procedure to our
        and décolleté, but especially  the precision of the robotic   patients. Come in for your free
        around the eyes and mouth.  device. The control and steril-  consultation today to see how
        Additionally this procedure  ity of the robotic component   this can improve the appear-
        has an amazing effect on acne  of this machine alleviate the  ance of your skin! Call us at
        scars, both new and old.     concerns previously associated  (609)737-7737 or visit us on the
           The Vivace device combines  with microneedling.         web at!

                    Halitosis, or Bad Breath, Can Be Embarrassing

                                        Our food choices also affect  disorder, certain medications,
                                     our breath. Foods with strong  along  with  breathing though
                                     odors such as onions and garlic   the mouth instead of the nose.
                                     are digested, absorbed into the   Other systemic diseases may
                                     bloodstream, and carried to the   cause halitosis such as pneumo-
                                     lungs. The odor is then given
                                     off into your breath and remains   nia, sinus infections, bronchitis,
                                     until the food has passed     diabetes, chronic acid reflux,
                                     through the body. Another     postnasal drip, kidney and liver
                                     contributor is chewing or smok- problems.
                                     ing tobacco. Which stains teeth   In most cases your dentist
                                     and affects the breath by dam- can diagnose and treat bad
                                     aging the inside of ones cheeks,   breath. Often, over-the-counter
        Karen Winterfield-Dodds, D.M.D.  palate and gums.          mouth rinses only mask the true
                                        Continuous bad breath or an   problem. Drinking lots of water,
           Bad breath or halitosis is   unpleasant taste may be a warn-  along with a good oral hygiene
        a common concern of many     ing sign of gum disease. Gum   regime of regular brushing,
        patients and there are multiple   disease is caused by plaque build   flossing, scraping and cleaning
        factors which contribute to this   up, which generates bacteria
        condition.                   toxins in the mouth to release  of  the  tongue  will  help  elimi-
                                     odors. Besides mouth odor, gum  nate mouth odor. A professional
           Poor oral hygiene is the lead-  disease  can  cause  permanent
        ing cause of bad breath. If one   damage to the gums and bone   oral examination and cleaning
        does not floss and brush regu-  area surrounding the teeth.  will help find the source of the
        larly food particles remain in   Dry mouth (xerostomia) can   halitosis.  Improved  breath  can
        the mouth, between teeth and   also contribute to halitosis. A   lead to  a healthier smile  and   Karen Winterfield-Dodds D.M.D.
        on the crevices of the tongue.   decrease in saliva can prevent   happier patient. Dental hygiene   109 Franklin Corner Rd. | Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        These particles break down  the natural cleaning of food par-  appointments and examinations     609-895-8882 | 609-895-8887 (FAX)
        with the help of bacteria and  ticles in the mouth. Dry mouth  are recommended at a minimum
        create a foul odor in the mouth. is caused by salivary gland  of twice a year.               

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