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         A History of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (Part 1)

                                     artifacts provide proof that acu-  body’s relation to its environ-  ing in an inscription for Newly   This brief history of Chinese
                                     puncture originated with primi-  ment form a basis for Chinese  Compiled Acupuncture wrote,  Medicine has highlighted some
                                     tive society.  1              medical theory.              “It is an important job for us   milestones in the development of
                                        Hieroglyphics from 3000      Following this period and  to critically assimilate and sys-  Chinese Medicine and practice.
                                     years ago include inscriptions of  into the first century AD, Chi-  tematize our multifarious lega-  Future articles will provide a
                                     acupuncture and moxibustion  nese medical practice grew to  cies.”.  Chinese Medicine and
                                     in ancient ruins. During this  include acupuncture, moxi-  acupuncture were taught at the   deeper understanding of several
                                     period, the philosophical con-  bustion, herbal and medicinal  same medical school and were   theoretical concepts, including
                                     cepts of Yin-Yang and the Five  decoctions, and massage (tui na  practiced in conjunction with  Yin-Yang along with an under-
                                     Elements began to influence the  or “twee naw”). The develop-  western medicine. In 1950 Thu  standing of the 8 Principles and
                                     practice of Chinese Medicine.  ment of this practice provided  Du  wrote,  “Chinese  acupunc-  the 5 Elements.
        Diane L. Ailey, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,  While healers of that time had  the people of China the greatest  ture treatment has a history of   1 Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion,
        LMT, Reiki Master            a basic understanding of pulse,  extent of healthcare at the time.  thousands of years. It is not only   Xinnong, Chang, Ed., Foreign Language
                                     blood, and bodily fluids; the   At the start of the 20th cen-  simple and economical, but also   Press, Beijing, China, 1987
           The history of the devel-  added concepts of Qi ( the for-  tury, with foreign influences  very effective for many kinds of   2 ibid.
        opment of Acupuncture and  mative principle associated with  and war as well as internal  disease...”  3             3 ibid.
        Chinese Medicine may go  life and all  processes of living  conflict leading to the Cultural
        back 90,000 years or more.  creatures, it is the invisible and  Revolution, created a period of
        In  ancient  Chinese literature  immaterial force manifested in  restriction and denunciation to
        there are mentions of the prac-  animate forms of nature), Shen  Chinese Medicine. However,
        tice of acupuncture with stone  (vitality), essence or Jing (the  an ongoing need of the Chinese
        needles. Later classical writings  most refined substance of the  people for healthcare lead Mao   Explore new options to
        dating back two thousand years  body and the material basis  Zedong and the Communist    treat the mind, body
        indicate the use of bian (stone)  of one’s life; and that which  Party to revive the ancient prac-  and spirit through
        needles. In the Commentary on  may be passed on the another  tice of Chinese Medicine.   integrative medicine.
        the Spring and Autumn Annals,  through procreation), and the   During the 1940s and 1950s,   CHIROPRACTIC
        a historical record from 550  associations of these concepts  the Chinese government pro-                                       FREE
        BC, there is mention of the use  expanded  the  practice  of  Chi-  moted the understanding and   ACUPUNCTURE                ACUPUNCTURE
        of stone in medical treatment.  nese Medicine and the diagno-  practice of acupuncture that was                              CONSULTATION
        Bian needles have been found  sis of disease. These along with  standardized and relevant to   REIKI                            with this ad.
        in New Stone Age ruins; these  an understanding of the human  western medicine. Deng Xiap-                                 Offer valid through 4/30/18

         Female-Powered Fitness at RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center

           RWJ  Fitness  &  Wellness    Lead Trainer for the Pro-    “The Program motivated me.
        Center offers programming  gram, Eve Gonsiorek modifies  I’m excited about fitness now,”
        for the entire community. Due  exercises to accommodate the  shares Helen. “I learned how
        to its medical integration with  group’s diverse fitness levels.  to properly use the best fitness   Women’s HEALTH &               MEMBERSHIP
        RWJBarnabas Health, not only  Participants use everything  equipment  to  reach  my  goals.                                         REQUIRED!
        does the Center service the  from body resistance and TRX  It’s been incredibly helpful.”     WELLNESS Retreat
        committed exercisers, it also  workouts to the Center’s state-  When her job required more
        provides many offerings to  of-the art equipment to accom- travel as well as extensive time
        people of all levels and abilities.  plish goals. Participants also are  on her feet, Jean Nitzberg knew
           A perfect example is The  introduced to Aquakinetics,  she needed to get in shape.        APRIL 9 - MAY 28
        Women’s  Health  &  Wellness  powerful cardio and strength- She comments, “The Program       Mondays & Wednesdays—6:00pm - 7:00pm
        Retreat. This Program empow- ening water workouts.         taught me how to create fit-      Tuesdays & Thursdays—11:00am - 12:00pm
        ers women in their fitness       “I love teaching these  ness  routines  using  the  equip-
        endeavors. This is especially  women how to use the fit- ment and weights. It’s all about    Program Highlights Include:
                                                                                                     •  An initial health assessment
        important for women who may  ness  equipment. Participants  doing it right. If you don’t do   which includes blood pressure,
        feel intimidated from a bad  feel secure, knowing they are  it right, you don’t get the same   body composition, and functional
                                                                                                      movement assessment
        experience or lack of experi- accomplishing safe, effective  benefit.” Jean loved the instruc-  •  Women’s only, small group training
        ence. Let’s face it—school gym  workouts,” shares Eve. “We  tors detailed directions, includ-  two times a week
        class has come a long way in the  build their fitness motivation  ing how to adjust equipment   •  Multiple group exercise classes
        past generation. Thankfully!  even beyond their time in this   and exercises for each person’s   including yoga, Zumba , aquatics,
                                                                                                      and meditation
           The Program offers a syn- Program,” she adds.           unique body type.                 •  Health education topics such as
        ergy of fitness and health edu-  Helen Patterson, a Center   RWJ Fitness & Wellness           healthy nutrition, stress management,
        cation experiences to guide  member, insists,  “Joining the   Center’s next Women’s           and cardiovascular wellness.
        women along their wellness  Program was the best money         Health & Retreat              $199 non-members, $99 members.
        journey. Each week includes  I ever spent.” Helen has mul-                                   Call to Register!  609.531.4131
        two Small Group Training ses- tiple sclerosis and knee replace-  Wellness Program
        sions and one Group Fitness  ments. She felt intimidated to     begins in April.
        class  of  choice.  Sessions  also  exercise in front of others. She   For more information    3100 Quakerbridge Road, Mercerville, NJ 08619  |  609.584.7600  |
        include a weekly health educa- considers her eight weeks in the   on the next session           /RWJHamiltonCenterforHealthWellness      @RWJFitandWell      @RWJFitandWell       RWJFitandWell
        tion mini-lecture.           Program as lifechanging.          call: 609.531.4131                                                       16707933_0218

        Mercer County Woman                                                     6                                                   March/April 2018
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