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                     Colostrum: Good for Babies, Cows and You!

                                     - produced from recycled red  the body’s own immune sys-
                                     blood cells. If not excreted,  tem by enhancing the growth       Kate Thomsen MD, MPH
                                     it can cause newborn jaun-    of white blood cells.           Inte gratIge and HolIstIg He altH
                                     dice. The many components       Lactoferrin:  Colostrum
                                     of colostrum pack a power-    contains lactoferrin, an iron                 and Wellne ss
                                     house of benefits in a small  chelator that grabs up iron         What to Look for in a Colostrum Supplement
                                     quantity of fluid. Every mam-  from the blood stream and       •  What is the source of the Colostrum?   Most comes from
                                     mal makes colostrum for their  delivers it to cells that need    dairy cows
                                     young and, though it may  it. In this way, it deprives            o  Are the cows pasture fed?
                                     differ slightly in composition,  harmful bacteria of the iron     o  Are they antibiotic and hormone free?
                                     colostrum in the first hours  they thrive on. Lactoferrin         o  Are they fed GMO crops?
                                     of life is thought to be critical  is also an anti-viral substance   •  Where is the Colostrum made?
                                     for survival for most species.  with activity against HIV,        o  Is it made in a current Good Manufacturing Practice
        Dr. Kate Thomsen and Silky      Adult humans have been  CMV, Hepatitis C and other               (cGMP) facility?
                                     using bovine colostrum for  viruses.    Lactoferrin  also         o  Is it overheated in processing?  This can destroy many of
                                     thousands of  years  –  both  exhibits anti-fungal proper-          the bioactives
           Since the 1950s, there has   to treat health conditions  ties and is used to treat sev-     o  Is it batch tested by an independent lab for impurities as
        been a movement to educate   and for maintenance of well-  eral strains of Candida. Lac-         well as bioactive ingredients?  Can you get a copy of that
        the American public about    being. Colostrum was used as  toferrin promotes the growth          analysis by writing to the company?
        the benefits of breastfeeding   an antibiotic before the phar-  of a beneficial bacteria called   •  How will the colostrum survive the stomach acid
        infants. Breast feeding can   maceutical era. Albert Sabin,  bifidobacter.                    environment?
        strengthen an infant’s resis-  who developed the first polio   Lactoperoxidase:   Like         o  What is the delivery process that ensures the product gets to
        tance to  infection  and dis-  vaccine, isolated these first  lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase       the intestines?
        ease and there are research   anti-polio antibodies from  is an anti-microbial protein.                        Office of Dr. Kate Thomsen
        papers claiming many other   bovine    (cow)   colostrum.  Killing with peroxides is                             252 West Delaware Ave.
        benefits, including higher IQ   Colostrum is crucial for  effective against viral, fungal,                       Pennington, NJ 08534
        scores. Some of the benefits  the health of newborn farm  and bacterial pathogens.                                  609-818-9700
        of human breast milk are  animals. To get sufficient         Cytokines: These chemi-                WWW.drkatethomSen.Com
        in the colostrum, “mother’s  amounts of colostrum into  cal messengers are designed                 Additional articles on holistic health topics
        first milk” secreted in the  young calves within 30 min-   to  stimulate  the  immune                     can be found on the website
        first  2  –  3  days  after  deliv-  utes of birth, livestock breed-  system when needed. Colos-
        ery. This rich mixture of  ers have learned to produce  trum contains the cytokines
        primarily proteins and anti-  excess and bank the extra  Interleukin 1, Interleukin 6,  that can reduce free radical  leaky gut, eliminating patho-
        bodies is a “liquid gold” gift  colostrum. Bovine colostrum  tumor  necrosis  factor,  and  damage. Vitamin B12, an  genic  microbes,  stimulating
        to a newborn. In the womb,  is bio-identical to human  interferon gamma. Stimula-       important player in immune  and regulating the immune
        assimilated “food” was deliv-  colostrum. Is there data  tion of the immune system  function, is also found in  responses can be considered
        ered from mother’s blood to  showing that adult humans  may be beneficial for an aging  colostrum.                   preventive medicine. It would
        baby’s blood – bypassing the  might benefit from taking  immune system or immuno-          Growth Factors:  Colos-   be especially useful for people
        usual food delivery via the  bovine (cow) colostrum as a  deficient people.             trum contains several growth  with autoimmune conditions,
        intestines. After birth, the  health supplement?             PRPs     (Proline   Rich   factors  important  for  sup-  allergies, and chronic infec-
        first food that enters the new-  Supporting the Immune  Polypeptides): This diverse  porting cell growth, differ-    tions. The growth and repair
        born’s intestine will challenge  System: Colostrum contains  group of small proteins  entiation and renewal. These  properties of colostrum have
        that intestinal wall’s integrity  Immunoglobulins IgG, IgM,  found in colostrum are also  include Vascular Endothe-  been shown to benefit ath-
        and  it  will  leak  sugars  and  IgA and secretory IgA. These  referred to as Colostrinin.  lial Growth Factor (VEGF)  letes, the injured and the
        proteins into the blood. The  are often called antibodies  They help to regulate the  which promotes the growth  aging. I take my colostrum
        colostrum will provide these  and they are typically made  immune  system  at  the  level  of new blood vessels, Epi-  every day – twice per day. I
        proteins and sugars which  by the body when one is  of the thymus. They balance  dermal Growth Factor (EGF)  consider it fundamental!!!
        leak into the blood for a few  exposed to an invader like  an overactive immune system  and Fibroblast Growth Factor
        days until the “leaky gut” is  unwanted bacteria or viruses.  and have been used to treat  (FGF) for the skin and the   Dr. Kate Thomsen’s office
        healed. This leakage provides  Not  being  made  specifically  autoimmune conditions like  intestines, and Transforming   for holistic health care is
        temporary immune support  to a present threat, colos-      rheumatoid arthritis. PRPs  Growth Factor alpha (TGF       located in Pennington, NJ.
        and information signaling  trum’s  antibodies  perform  also stimulate an underac-      alpha) which stimulates the
        into the circulation while  “passive immunity”. These  tive immune system. They  growth of normal cells.               She is trained in Family
        the infant transitions to it’s  cow antibodies attach to  also  have  beneficial effects   Hormones: Insulin Like        Medicine, and Board
        out of the womb experience.  microbes  on  the  inner  sur-  on cognitive functioning and  Growth Factor-1 is plentiful   Certified in Integrative
        Since the newborn’s immune  faces of the intestinal tract  are being studied as agents  in colostrum. This hormone is    Medicine, and is an
        system is also not fully devel-  and respiratory tract pre-  to  reduce  progression  in  anabolic in nature, helping to
        oped,  other  components  venting them from crossing  Alzheimer’s Disease.              build strength and endurance.   Institute for Functional
        of the colostrum prevent  into the blood and causing         Oligosaccharides: These       This highly concentrated,      Medicine Certified
        infections though a process  infection. The antibodies in  sugar molecules bind up  dizzying array of natural         Practitioner. She has been
        known  as  passive  immunity.  colostrum have been shown  many types of bacteria in the  health promoting factors is    practicing Functional
        Colostrum  also  acts  as  a  to bind to H pylori, Giardia,  intestines preventing them  an ideal food for newborn    Medicine for 20 years. For
        natural laxative, encourag-  the food poisoning E Coli, C  from getting into the blood.  mammals. We can also put it’s
        ing passage of the newborn’s  diff, rotavirus, Shigella, Strep,   Vitamins: Vitamins A,  immune and anabolic proper-  more information see www.
        first stool. This stool called  cryptosporidium and others.  C and E are found in colos-  ties to good use supporting or call
        meconium, is full of bilirubin  Colostrum also stimulates  trum. These are anti-oxidants  growing humans. Healing     the office at 609-818-9700

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