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Health & Wellness

                        Princeton Radiology’s Women’s Imaging

                                  Program and 3D SmartMamm™ :

                     Helping Area Women Make Smarter Choices for their Health

                                        These were among the key  said Breast Imaging Special-
                                     concerns that the  women’s  ist, Christopher L. Ananian,
                                     imaging physicians at Princ- M.D., of Princeton Radiology.    Diamonds AREN’T THE ONLY THINGS
                                     eton Radiology had in mind  “For example, if a woman has               THAT ARE MULTI-FACETED
                                     when they created their unique  a  mother,  sister,  or  daughter
                                     program to better serve local  with a history of breast cancer,
                                     women  in  their  fight  against  her lifetime risk of developing
                                     breast cancer.                breast cancer is higher than the
                                        The focal point of Princ- average woman’s.”
                                     eton Radiology’s women’s        “Women at higher risk may
                                     imaging program is Smart- benefit from additional screen-
                                     Mamm™, an enhanced digi- ings, more frequent screen-
        Christopher L. Ananian, M.D.                                                                  YOUR MAMMOGRAM SHOULD BE TOO
        Breast Imaging Specialist    tal mammogram that adds a  ings, or to start screenings at
                                     measure of breast density and  a younger age,” continued Dr.
           In an area of the United   a lifetime risk assessment, or  Ananian.                      We’ve added unique “facets” to our mammograms
        States known to have some    Claus Score, to every report at   SmartMamm™     provides           and call it a SmartMamm™ for a reason.
        of the best health outcomes,   no additional cost.         referring clinicians with the           Stop by our booth to fi nd out why!
        nearly one-third of women       SmartMamm™ also offers  information that they need
        who should be having annual   the option of 3D tomosynthe- to work with each patient to
        mammograms are not having    sis, which gives the radiologist  develop a personalized plan
        them. What’s more, too many   a “page by page” view of breast  for her breast health.            609.921.8211  |
        women have less awareness  tissue  at  different depths for   “When it comes to better            Princeton  |  Monroe  |  Mercerville  |  Freehold  |  Marlboro
        than they should regarding  better detection of early-stage  health, knowledge is power,”
        issues like breast density, and  breast cancer.            Dr. Ananian said. “That’s why
        factors in their personal and   “When a patient’s referring  we created a women’s imaging       For more information or to schedule a
        family medical history that  clinician reviews her Smart- program to equip more women
        increase their risk of develop- Mamm™ results with her, those  with the knowledge they need   SmartMamm™, visit
        ing breast cancer.           findings are more informative,”  to best protect their health.”             or call 609.921.8211

                      T’ai Chi Chih

                                     is a gentle, moving,
                                  meditation that is taught
                                     standing or seated.

                                          Benefits:                    Alon Baker, DO, FAAP, FACOP • Sonya Boor, MD, FAAP
                                                                     Laura Brandspiegel, MD, FAAP • Stefanie Fiderer, DO, FAAP
                                  - Helps increase immunity
                                  - Aids improving sleep quality      We are a dedicated team of board certified physicians
                                  - Improvement in balance              who provide high quality healthcare to newborns,
                                                                         children, and adolescents through college age.
                                  - Helps lower high blood
                                   pressure                            Scheduled appointments and same
                                  - May decrease symptoms               day sick visits are available weekdays,
                                   of depression
                                                                        evenings, and Saturday mornings.

                                 Classes offered in Hamilton
                                        1970 Hwy. 33
                                                                    Please call 609.581.5100 to schedule an appointment
                                      Register NOW:                             Lexington Square Commons
                                      609-752-1048                   2133 State Highway 33 • Hamilton Square, NJ 08690

                                 Struggling with a
                                 chronic condition?
                                 Book a private                                     “Your success and happiness lies in you.
                                 Energy Balancing
                                 session.                                  Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form
                                                                            an invincible host against difficulties.” –Helen Keller

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