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            The Dis-Ease of Self Doubt and Impaired Self Esteem

           ºWhen you were born,  from society – that told us if
        do you think you lay in the  we were “good enough”.
        crib wondering if you were      We lost awareness of the
        cute enough, smart enough,  miracle of being alive, of hav-
        wealthy enough, thin enough,  ing  all  the  moving  parts,  of
        popular enough? Were you  having a body that functions
        lying there comparing your-   on its own without instruc-
        self to everyone else? Did you  tions  from  us,  a  body  that  is
        hate your curly or straight hair,  designed to heal itself, the
        your freckles, the color of your  experience of ever-shifting
        skin, the shape of your legs?  emotions, the ability to learn                                           Free phone consultation
           As young children mostly  and invent and create. Where
        we just fully interacted with life  along the way did we decide
        moment by moment. We cried  on  a  standardized  measure-
        at the top of our lungs when  ment against which to measure
        we hurt, we laughed with our  ourselves; not only a standard-
        entire bodies when something  ized measurement but usually
        was funny, we fought with our  one that was not achievable?
        entire being when we fought;  And we all bought into it.
        and when things shifted, we     As adults we are still all the
        forgot that we were mad or sad  things that the baby was in that
        and we fully engaged in the  crib – beautiful, perfect, a mir-  you were before everyone else
        next moment.                  acle, singularly unique, special,  told you who you should be.   Natasha Sherman  |  Life Success Coach
           Then we learned language,  and full of undiscovered and  It means separating what is          “Live by Design/Not by Default™”
        we were taught what to think  almost limitless potentialities.  authentically  you  from  what
        and believe. Now there were     The journey to the joy of  has taken you away from you.   
        the  “judgments”  from school,  being uniquely you is the one    As a Coach I take you on
        from our families, from friends,  that leads you back to who  that journey.           |   609-689-9063

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