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          Non-Surgical “Face Lift” that’s Virtually Pain Free

                                      onette  lines,  and  jowls  that  lating a surge of new collagen
                                      we all love so much! Over  growth. The effect builds in
                                      the past ten years or so there  from the lower levels of the
                                      have been various modalities  tissue, working its way up to
                                      developed to lift and tighten   the surface. Because of this,
                                      the skin. Therm-age and      the results begin to show
                                      Ulthera were probably the    approximately a month after
                                      most popular. Both had good   treatment.
                                      and bad associated with        The treatment itself is
                                      them. Both were extraor-     relatively comfortable, similar
                                      dinarily painful  to  endure.   to the feel of a hot stone mas-                              TempSure
                                      Each  time  new  technology
        Dr. Sharon Gertzman                                        sage. There is no recovery                                      Full Face
                                     is  developed,  improvements
           As we age, we all see what  are made. Fortunately, there   time at all! An initial series of                          Package of  3
        appears to be our face droop-  is a now a new “non-surgical   3 treatments, at one month                                   for $2500
        ing. Our skin loses elasticity  facelift” that is virtually pain   intervals, is recommended,                          (a $350 savings)
        and collagen, so it does not  free, has no recovery or down   with a follow up every six to                                  (good until
        rebound from facial expres-  time and gives visible results   twelve months.                                               June 30, 2018)
        sion as quickly. We also lose  on just about everyone.       Come to Serenity Medical
        volume in our face as natu-     The TempSure procedure     Spa (
        ral, structural fat pads are  uses radiofrequency energy   for your free consultation,
        absorbed, and we even lose  to get beneath the surface     and let Dr. Gertzman evalu-
        some bone volume. We still  layers of the skin to create a   ate  your  specific  needs.  She
        have the same amount of skin  heating of the deeper layers  can tell you how TempSure
        though, so it all drops to the  of the face. This results in  can improve your appearance,
        lower part of our face creating  tightening of collagen and  giving you a more youthful
        those nasolabial  folds,  mari-  elastin fibers, as well as stimu-  look with no downtime!

                                                  A Smile Is Universal

                                     tion between gum disease and    Approximately 15 percent
                                     other chronic inflammatory  of adults between the ages
                                     conditions such as cardiovas- of 21 and 50, and 30 percent
                                     cular  disease,  diabetes,  and  of adults over 50, have gum
                                     Alzheimer’s.  Treating  and  disease. With a simple dental
                                     reducing inflammation associ-  hygiene appointment, gum
                                     ated with gum disease may, in   disease can be diagnosed,
                                     fact, help in the management   treated, and monitored.
                                     of these other inflammatory     We invite you to call our
                                     diseases. Periodontal disease   office to schedule an appoint-
                                     is  a  bacterial  infection  that   ment to start you on a road
                                     destroys the fibers attached
        Karen Winterfield-Dodds, D.M.D.  to the teeth and the bone   to a healthier mouth and a

                                     which holds the teeth in your   healthier you. Most dental
           A smile is a universal    mouth. When this happens,     insurances do cover hygiene
        expression that can convey   a gum pocket forms and can    visits at 100%.
        happiness, confidence, sin-  house plaque and bacteria.
        cerity, and sociability. As   The pocket can deepen and    Karen Winterfield-Dodds
        discussed in our last article,   infection and inflammation         D.M.D.
        there are numerous ways to   increases which can lead      109 Franklin Corner Rd. |
        brighten and improve your    to swelling, bleeding, loose  Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        smile. Studies have shown    teeth, and pain. As a result,   609-895-8882 | 609-895-
        that periodontal disease (gum  these harmful bacterial com-       8887 (FAX)
        disease) can decrease one’s  ponents in the blood may
        desire to smile as well as affect  travel to other organs in the   exceptionaldentistry@
        your overall health. Research  body and cause harm and
        has shown there is a connec- other health problems.

                           “Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.” —Christie Brinkley

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