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Health & Wellness

                                                 The Eight Principles:

                   Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory

                                     The Eight Principles help  concepts are the basis for the  yang the back; yin also repre-  treatment, restore the patient
                                     determine the relative nature  Chinese fundamental under-  sents the interior while yang  to homeostasis and wellness
                                     of the presenting disorder.   standing of the science of all  the exterior, yin is cold while  while restoring the balance
                                        The Eight Principles are:  natural occurrences. In the  yang is hot, yin is deficient and   between yin and yang.
                                     yin  and yang, cold and  hot,  case of Chinese medicine, yin  yang is excess. Through the   Bibliography:
                                     deficient or excess, and inte-  and yang have a role in the  examination of the presenting   Between Heaven and Earth, A Guide to
                                     rior or exterior. Each pair of  diagnosis of disease.      disease signs and symptom    Chinese Medicine; Beinfield, Harriet and
                                     principles is related and essen-  Understanding yin and  and their relationship to yin   Korngold, Efrem, Ballantine Wellspring/
                                                                                                                             Random House Publishing, New York,
                                     tially opposite; and due to this  yang requires the practitioner  and yang the acupuncturist   1991
                                     relationship, each pair may  to explore the interrelation-  may determine the pathol-   Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
                                     complement, oppose, or con-   ship of these concepts. Yin is  ogy and treatment protocol   (revised edition); translated by Wise-
        Diane L. Ailey, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,                                                                                    man, Nigel and Ellis, Andrew. Paradigm
        LMT, Reiki Master            vert into the other.          considered to be female while  for the patient; and through   Publications, Massachusetts, 1996
                                        Of the Eight Principles, yin  yang  is  considered  male.  In
                                     and yang are the most promi-  addition to this definition, yin
           The  theory and practice   nent as they encompass the  is considered to manifest earth
        of Chinese Medicine and      attributes  of  the  other  prin-  and yang manifests heaven;
        Acupuncture is based on the   ciples in their associations.  yang is associated with day
        Eight Principles. These prin-  Diagnostically speaking, all  while yin is night, yang is   Explore new options to
        ciples form the diagnostic   disorders may be identified by  the sun and yin is the moon.   treat the mind, body
        framework for determining a   the dominance of yin or yang.  These pairs and other associa-  and spirit through
        patient’s constitutional need   The principles of yin and  tions, while opposites comple-  integrative medicine.
        for treatment. This is why   yang were developed over  ment each other; they also        CHIROPRACTIC
        different patients with similar  thousands of years through  counterbalance each other   ACUPUNCTURE                            FREE
        presenting signs and symp-   observation of nature. These  and are mutually convertible.                                     CONSULTATION
        toms may be treated with dif-  principles are the motivat-   In medical diagnostics, yin   REIKI                                with this ad.
        fering acupuncture protocols.  ing energy for all life. These  is the front of the body and                                Offer valid through 6/30/18

                                     The Value of a Holistic Workout

           We carry many responsibili- own needs suffocate.        •  If you cannot make it to the
        ties, so it’s important to build our  Getting It Done        Center, increase the time and
        bodies strong. That requires more   Barbara recommends a holistic   intensity of other physical
        than kettlebells and cardio moves.  approach to fitness. “Get in the   activities (walk briskly to your
        Barbara Mascialino, group fitness  zone.  Let  music  and movement   car, jog in place when waiting
        director at RWJ Fitness & Well- share a message with your body.   on the microwave, stand and
        ness Center, shares how to create  Be entertained by the experience,”   sit 100 times—be creative).
        a body and mind that muscles  she advises.                 •  Listen to music or watch
        through busy days.              This approach demands more   shows that make you smile.
        A Day in the Life            of your workout—whether in one   Laugh daily.
           Barbara  starts  each  day  with  of the Center’s fitness classes, on  •  Create motivating playlists
        an inspirational quote before  the Fitness Floor, or in a water   to energize everything from
        completing her morning workout.  workout in the extensive Aquat-  walks to power workouts.
        She takes care of her family prior  ics Center. According to Barbara,  •  Do not worry about eating
        to a day of teaching and oversee- every interaction is an opportu-  perfectly. Do not deny your-
        ing Group Fitness departments in  nity to nurture yourself and oth-  self certain foods. Instead,
        multiple locations for the Centers’  ers. Working out in a community   overwhelm meals with health-
        300+ fitness classes. Evenings at  of  diverse  individuals  helps  us   ful choices like vegetables.
        home, Barbara strategizes to create  connect with the world. We ben- •  When possible, have a voice
        programs and classes that nourish  efit from its ability to support us   conversation with someone
        the  health  of herself  and others.  in our journey to healthier living.  instead of via text or e-mail.
        In addition, she travels to speak at   Through her Lunch Lecture   •  Do not let a day pass without
        industry conferences and the Cen- series, Group Fitness classes, and   at least thinking about your
        ter’s hospital-affiliated events.   management functions, Barbara   workout.
           Like many of us, hers is a long  always  extends  fundamental  •  Before sleep, write down
        day that doesn’t leave much self-  health tips.              three things for which you are
        time.  Prioritizing  allows  Barbara  Barbara’s Top Health Tips  grateful.
        to manage her own health and  Live by these gems and watch what you   For more ways to make
        well-being. She equates her morn- can make happen.            your journey to health
        ing ritual (including exercise)  •  Start each day with five quiet
        to “putting the rescue mask on   minutes to read and reflect   amazing, visit us at
        herself before tending to others.”   on something that lifts your   3100 Quakerbridge Rd,
        Without self-prioritization, your   spirit.                        Mercerville.

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