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               What’s Going On in Your Gut.

                                    It’s not always IBS

                                           for many biological processes, from  thing isn’t quite right. When your
                                           immunity to metabolism to memory  gut is trying to tell you something,
                                           and mental health. It’s also our “win- shouldn’t you listen?
                                           dow to the world” in that it’s the   Viewing the gut as a second
                                           organ that assumes the onslaught   brain, we say “yes,” and recommend
                                           of external toxins, from foods and   that you dig deeper for answers and
                                           environmental factors, such as pes-  the underlying cause of your GI
                                           ticides, pharmaceutical  drugs  and   woes. They could be a sign of stress,
                                           others.                           depression, autoimmunity, a nutri-
                                             If you suffer from digestive chal-  ent deficiency, a food sensitivity or
                                           lenges, conventional testing and a
        PIH founders Vincent Leonti, MD, and                                 allergy, a  hormonal  imbalance, a
        Jenna Richardson                   physical exam may not turn up a   compromised GI lining, candida,
                                           specific diagnosis. You may be told   environmental exposures or a num-
           Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is   you have IBS. It is reported that   ber of other problems.
        one of those things no one likes to   between 10 to 25 percent of the   Medication may keep you out of
        talk about but many seem to experi-  population has  been “diagnosed”   the bathroom and free you of pain,
        ence at some point in their lives.  with IBS, which is actually a group   but only temporarily.
           At Princeton Integrative Health,   of symptoms that may include diar-  It is only when you get to the root
        we can’t talk enough about IBS and   rhea, constipation, gas, bloating,   cause—and eliminate the offending
        other gastrointestinal conditions.   abdominal pain and discomfort.
        The health of your gut is intricately   Without understanding the root   food, or treat the parasite, or learn to
        connected to the health of all other  cause of these symptoms, your doc-  recognize and manage your stress—
        systems and organs, including your  tor may only be able to prescribe   that you can begin to achieve long-
        brain. You can bet we pay very close  home  remedies  and/or  medication   lasting, sustainable health.
        attention to your gut health.      to ease them.                        For more information or to
           Your gut tells us a lot about what   Over time, your recurring symp- register for a free consultation
        is going on in your body. In fact,  toms become more than a nuisance  or workshop on gut health, call
        your gut microbiome is responsible  as well as a reminder that some- 609.512.1468.

               UltraSlim  Professional                                                                  Immediate Fat Reduction

        • Immediate Results.            from 717ml to 4,608ml       week following treatment.
           All patients lost fat        (1 5/8” to 10” from the     With UltraSlim, patients
           immediately, without         waist, hips, and thighs).   lose the fat permanently
           dieting, exercise, pills or   • A Safer Device.          through a natural bodily
           surgery.                     UltraSlim Professional      function known as
        • Dramatic Fat Loss             is the only fat reduction   “lipolysis”, whereby the
           At Each Visit.               device classified in the    contents of their fat cells
           Patients lost an average     lowest risk category as     are excreted primarily in
           of 1.6 liters of fat in      a Risk Group 1 device.
           just 32 minutes (3.5”        There are no side effects,   their waste. Once you
           combined waist, hips,        complications, or adverse   flush the toilet, that fat
           and thighs) at one visit.    events.                     cannot come back! Of
        • Works For Everyone.  • Durability.                        course, patients can gain
           Every patient had            Patients seen at follow-up   weight in the future if
           clinically significant losses   had lost an additional   they consume too many
           at each visit, ranging       1 1/8” of fat during the    calories.
                                        Clearly Superior Technology. All competing non-inva-
                                     sive fat removal technologies require weeks or months to
                                     achieve the results that UltraSlim achieves in 32 minutes,
                                     at one visit. Most competing technologies use cell-killing   Lose at least 2” from your waist, hips and thighs in just 32 minutes.
                                     apoptosis caused by cold, heat, radio waves, or ultrasound.   Guaranteed, immediate, permanent results.
                                     Those technologies risk dangerous side effects and adverse
                                     outcomes, and always result in dysmorphic fat accumula-         Petito Ross Chiropractic
                                     tions for patients who subsequently gain weight.                      & Wellness Center
                                        UltraSlim’s unique patented  technology achieves
                                     dramatic results in 32 minutes which require months to             1301 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road
                                     achieve with apoptosis devices such as CoolSculpting  or                   Mercerville, NJ 08619
        Dr. Thomas B. Ross           SculpSure .                                                                609-581-3863
        Mercer County Woman                                                     9                                                      May/June 2018
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