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                    A Question That I Am

                             Asked Daily Is...

                                     ing. Patients with healthy  bleaching or in-office light or
                                     unrestored teeth are the  laser bleaching accompanied
                                     best candidates. Existing  by home custom bleach-
                                     crowns and bonded fillings  ing.  The home bleaching
                                     will not bleach in the pro- requires patients to wear the
                                     cess. Surface stains caused   custom trays for one hour a
                                     by coffee, tea, red wine and   day for two weeks. The in-
                                     smoking will be improved      office bleach gives a brighter
                                     by bleaching. Teeth that are   smile in about one hour.
                                     a dark shade due to internal    Call our office today, and
                                     causes  such  as  tetracycline   find out if you are a candi-
                                     or fluorosis will not give as   date to brighten your smile.
                                     good results. Patients with
        Karen Winterfield-Dodds, D.M.D.  sensitive, worn teeth or peri-
                                     odontal disease are not good   Karen Winterfield-Dodds
           A question that I am asked   candidates either.         109 Franklin Corner Rd.
        daily is “Am I a candidate to   If you are a candidate,    Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        have my teeth bleached?”     your dentist will take impres-      609-895-8882
                                     sions of your teeth in order
        A thorough examination of    to fabricate custom bleach-     609-895-8887 (FAX)
        all teeth, roots and gums    ing trays. The two most         exceptionaldentistry@
        should  be  completed  by  popular bleaching tech-  
        your dentist prior to bleach- niques are  at-home custom

                                        The Five Elements - Winter

                                     ing our orifices, and eliminat-  ing health and well-being  This need has impact on diet   As we enter the Winter
                                     ing waste from our system.    benefits from our ability to  during  the  winter  months  season, let us remember the
                                        The energy of Water is  be in tune with the season.  when our bodies need warm  cyclical nature of the Five
                                     wet and cold as is the ocean’s  So one of the greatest gifts   nourishment.  Soups  and  Elements and know that
                                     depths and the dark of a  we can give ourselves and        stews, roasted meats and     Spring will come again.
                                     winter’s night. It is receptive,  loved ones is an environment   vegetables,  cooked  grains   References:
                                     drawing those who enter  where rest is valued and a        are staples of the winter diet.   Haas, Elson M., M.D., Staying Healthy
                                     down. In the Winter, things  period of inactivity is not   Herbs such as cayenne and    with the Seasons, Celestial Arts, Berkeley,
                                                                                                                             CA, 1981
                                     recede inward or die down  seen negatively as a sign of    ginger are warming and are   MacKenzie, Janice, Discovering the Five
                                     to the root. Winter is a time  laziness.                   medicinally beneficial as well.  Elements One Day at A Time, Wind
                                     that seems inactive though      The organs associated                                   Palace Publishing, New Hope, PA, 2002
                                     water  sinks  and  is  stored  in  to Winter are the bladder
        Diane L. Ailey, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,  the ground waiting to pro-  and  kidneys.  They  are  the   HAMILTON HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTER
        LMT, Reiki Master            mote new growth in the sea-   organs that balance the fluid,
                                     son to follow.                mineral, and acid/alkaline     LEXINGTON SQUARE: 2131 RT 33, HAMILTON SQUARE
           From my previous articles    Water energy is related  balance in our bodies. In                     609.586.6300
        “The Five Elements” and      to old age, a time of reduced  Chinese medicine, the kid-       Pain Management | Stress | Anxiety
        “Acupuncture and the Fire    activities and reflection on  neys control the life force or   WWW.HAMILTONHOLISTICWELLNESSCENTER.COM
        Element” in Mercer Woman     the past in preparation for  essence of our being; they
                                     the future. This behavior is  store our vitality.  Healthy
        over the past several months,   also apparent in our daily  kidneys promote a vibrant     Explore new options to treat
        we have examined four of     lives as we experience quiet  demeanor as well as will-      the mind, body and spirit
        the  Five  Elements  and  their   times during the day  and  power and ambition.          through integrative medicine.
        relationship with nature and   sleep at night. While seem-   The  emotion  associated     CHIROPRACTIC
        the  changing  seasons.  The   ingly inactive, Winter is  with Winter is fear brought     Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound,
        Five Elements association for   a time for restoration and  about by the dark, cold, deep
        Winter is Water.             renewal; both essential to a  nature  of  the  season  and  of   Laser Light Therapy
           Water constitutes a major   healthy existence.          the Water element. Fear and    ACUPUNCTURE
        element within all living       Winter is a yin season,  a lack of faith may be injuri-   Migraines, Women’s Issues,
        things. It is adaptable, able to   its power lying deep. It is a  ous to the kidneys or cause   Insomnia (and many more)   FREE
        change shape and tempera-    season to conserve energy.  an imbalance of Water in our     REIKI                        ACUPUNCTURE
        ture. Water is essential to the  In today’s society, inactivity  bodies.                  Inner Peace and Harmony,    CONSULTATION
        human body; circulating our  is  often  frowned  upon  and   An important aspect of       Balance Mind and Emotions,     with this ad.
        blood, carrying nourishment  our busy lives demand much  seasonal care during the Win-                               Offer valid through 12/31/18
        through the body, lubricat-  of us. However, our ongo-     ter is the need to stay warm.   Relaxation

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