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                                ElectroSmog: Hidden in Plain Sight

                                     energy and short wavelength  to adversely affect plants and
                                     radiation of X rays and gamma  bacteria.                        Kate Thomsen MD, MPH
                                     rays. On the other side of vis-  From the time of the inven-
                                     ible light is non-ionizing radia-  tion of electricity, through 2     IntegratIve and HolIstIc HealtH
                                     tion which is assumed to be safe.  World Wars, the development                  and Wellness
                                     These are the low energy, long  of radar communication, up              EMF’s: DEcrEasE ExposurE/
                                     wavelengths of infrared, micro-  until 1960 there was much                 IncrEasE protEctIon
                                     wave and radio waves. Cordless  interest in how electromagnetic   •  Keep Cell phone on Airplane Mode when not using it
                                     phones, cordless baby monitors,  radiation affected biologic pro-  •  Can keep cell phone in a Faraday Bag
                                     cell phones, cell phone towers,  cesses. Mostly conducted by   •  Hard wire computer;  Get corded phone land lines
                                     cell phone transmitters, wi-fi   the military, the prevailing view   •  Turn router off at night
                                     routers, blue tooth, smart ther-  was that microwave radiation   •  (Lloyd Burrell)
        Dr. Kate Thomsen and Silky   mostats, smart meters, and the  has thermal effects and, kept to   •  Increase Nrf2 foods
                                     internet of things use the micro-  a level below 10 mw /cm2 , was   -  Upregulates antioxidants, lowers inflammation, detoxifies.
           “Hidden in plain sight” is a                                                                These include:
        phrase we hear often these days.   wave spectrum wavelength.  not harmful to humans. While     -  sulphorophanes (broccoli), fish oil, phenolic antioxidants
                                     This form of radiant energy is  current testing has shown that
        It implies that amongst the glut   found in the cosmos and passes  holding the cell phone against   (cocoa, flaxseed, chokeberry), isothiocyanates (cabbage),
        of information that pours over                                                                   sulfur (alliums), carotenoids (orange vegetables)
        us every day – we should know   easily through the earth’s atmo-  your ear does not boil your   •  Nitric oxide dump exercise – Jack Bush (google it)
        more, see more, or maybe see   sphere. It was discovered in the  brain,                     •  Magnesium as a natural Calcium Channel blocker (for the
                                                                   energy does penetrate, and it
                                                                                                     VGCCs) suggested by Dr. Mercola
                                     late 1880’s and harnessed for
        some information differently –   practical uses – mostly commu-  goes deeper through the thin-
        if we see it at all, amongst the   nication technologies.  ner skull of children. Accumu-                      Office of Dr. Kate Thomsen
        more than 34 gigabytes of infor-  While  most  of  us,  experi-  lating data has been showing                    252 West Delaware Ave.
        mation our brain absorbs every   ence no short-term ill effects  that a process other than “ther-                 Pennington, NJ 08534
        day. We live in the information   from our cell phones, other  mal heating” may be at work. It                      609-818-9700
        age and may not just be suffer-  persons have reported elec-  is now believed that cell phone       www.DrkatEthoMsEn.coM
        ing psychological stress from   trical hypersensitivity. With  radiation stimulates the voltage    Additional articles on holistic health topics
        “too much information”, we may   exposure to common sources  sensor in voltage gated calcium              can be found on the website
        also be experiencing physical   of electrosmog, theses people  channels (VGCC) in the outer
        stress from the medium of this   have reported headaches, dis-  cell membranes. This would
        information. Our cell phones   ruptive sleep patterns, chronic  mean that affected cells would   nology is possibly a carcinogen.  never against your body. And
        and wi-fi bring us information   fatigue, depression, ear ringing/  pour calcium ions from the out-  There is no widespread agree-  phones are tested as if we still
        through electromagnetic waves   tinnitus, hypersensitivity/irri-  side to the inside of the cells – a   ment on this. Dr. Henry Lai  carry them in holsters (1/2 inch
        that were developed over the   tability, erratic blood pressure,  process that is normal but not as   looked at 326 studies on the  away from our bodies). A good
        last century but became ubiq-  skin complaints, and behavioral  exaggerated as this. Calcium is a   biologic effects of cell phone  documentary on this was done
        uitous only in the last 50 years.   changes. There appear to be  signaling molecules and, in this   radiation.  He  found  that  half  by the Canadian Broadcasting
        The public takes the safety of   genetic predispositions and  instance, triggers the formation   of the studies showed effects  Company,  The  Secret  Inside
        their “devices” for granted while   possibly overall toxin body bur-  of peroxynitrite creating oxida-  and half of the studies showed  Your Phone: Cellphone Safety
        research into health effects of   dens in these individuals that  tive stress inside the cell. Ani-  no effects, which he expected.  and  Testing.  In  2016  the  US
        exposure have yet to be solidi-  culminate in becoming sensitive  mal studies have shown adverse   But when he broke them down  Center for Disease Control and
        fied. This mimics the early   to the EMFs that were previ-  effects of cell phone radiation in   by sponsor, he found that 70%  Prevention stated “Some orga-
        days of cigarette and asbestos   ously tolerated (You Tube: Ted-  tissues that have a high density   of non-industry-based stud-  nizations recommend caution
        introduction into the market:   Talk, Wireless Wake-up Call)  of VGCCs: the central nervous   ies showed harmful effects  in cell phone use. More research
        innocent until proven guilty,   Whether these are the “canaries  system, the heart, the reproduc-  while 30% showed no effects.   is needed before we know if
        industry-influenced  research,  in the coal mine” or not, there  tive system, as well as strand   Among  industry-based  stud-  using cell phones causes health
        and heavy marketing in the   is disturbing research regarding  breaks in the DNA. The US   ies, 68% showed no effect and   effects.“ For the record, I do
        name of progress.            the ways EMFs may be affect-  Government Interphone study   32% showed harmful effects.   own an cell phone and use wi-fi.
           Electrosmog is a term used   ing human health and, at the  involving multiple countries   While industry sponsorship of   Most of the research for this
        to describe the electromagnetic   same time, newer, more poten-  over ten years reported in 2010   research has always been prob-  article was downloaded and the
        waves that surround us in our   tially harmful wavelengths are  that heavy users of cell phones   lematic, the bigger concern is   resources  recommended  need
        environment. There are the vis-  looming in our near future. The  had an approximately doubled   the lack of availability of non-  to be googled. It seems like one
        ible light waves hitting our eyes,   upcoming  5G  technology  uses  risk of glioma (brain cancer)   industry funding. Researchers   can’t live without a high dose of
        radio waves carrying your favor-  an untapped bandwidth, milli-  after 10 years of cell phone   claim funders are no longer   microwave radiation these days.
        ite tunes, microwaves carrying  meter waves. It is a short wave  use. At that time heavy use was   interested.       And that’s even scarier….
        your cell phone’s text message  that only travels a short, straight  considered  someone using a   Many of the studies showing   Dr. Kate Thomsen’s office for
        and wi-fi from your neighbor’s  distance  and hence there  will  cell phone for 2 – 2 1/2 hours   that microwave radiation does   holistic health care is located
        house. Radiant energy spreads  have to be many small, barely  per month. (By 2014 a Nielsen   not harm human cells looked   in Pennington, NJ. She is
        out as it moves, like light. But  noticeable cell phone towers  study put the average American   at thermal effects. Interestingly,   trained in Family Medicine,
        not all energy is visible. If you  with lots of inputs and outputs  usage at 34 hours per month.)   even with the knowledge that   and Board Certified in
        google the Electromagnetic  all over every neighborhood.  Swedish research looking at risk   there is another mechanism   Integrative Medicine, and is
        Spectrum you will see the range  5G will produce very fast  factors in patients with malig-  of harm, cell phones are only   an Institute for Functional
        of frequencies of electromag-  response times for the “Internet  nant brain tumors from 1997  safety tested for their thermal   Medicine Certified
        netic radiation, each with dif-  of Things” to help them/help us  to 2009, found that use of a cell  effects – determining if they   Practitioner. She has been
        ferent wavelengths and photon  manage our lives. These waves  phone or cordless house phone  would produce too much heat   practicing Functional
        energies. Visible light is in the  are absorbed by our skin, can  for more than 25 years tripled  when held “near” the ear. Yes,   Medicine for 20 years.
        middle of the spectrum. On the  stimulate pain receptors and  the risk of glioma compared to  your cell phone comes with a   For more information see
        one side, is ionizing radiation  have potentially adverse effects  less than 1 year of use. In 2011  warning that states you should
        which is known to be harm-   on the eyes, heart, and immune  The World Health Organiza-  always keep your phone about     or call the office at
        ful to humans. This is the high  system as well as the potential  tion reported that wireless tech-  ½ inch away from your body –   609-818-9700.

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