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                   Are You a Student? Do You Know a Student?

            Minimize Anxiety and Pain; Regain Focus with Acupuncture!

                                     uncertain time. We approach  even a little “loopy.” When  from  a  tight  constricted  state  great therapy  that  can help
                                     it either with fear, doubt, anxi-  an acupuncture needle is  to a relaxed state.        alleviate stress and anxiety, as
                                     ety, stress, or with grace, hope,  inserted, the body releases   Overall, acupuncture is a  well as physical aches and pain.
                                     excitement, and ease. As a stu-  oxytocin, the feel-good hor-
                                     dent, it is easy to put personal  mone, along with a surge
                                     health and wellness on the  of    other   chemicals  and
                                     back burner for a later date or  hormones that leave you with   HAMILTON HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTER
                                     until things really mount up.  a sense of calm, and provide                609.586.6300
                                     Acupuncture is way to receive  pain relief.                    HAMILTONHOLISTICWELLNESSCENTER.COM
                                     support during a pivotal and   Muscle tension and relief       LEXINGTON SQUARE: 2131 RT 33, HAMILTON SQUARE
                                     intense time in your life, where   It is no secret that the mind   Pain Management | Stress | Anxiety
        Franchesca Isaac, L.Ac.,     you are trying to balance stu-  has an effect on the body. Sev-
        Dipl. Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist  dent activities and daily life.  eral studies and articles discuss
                                     Stress and anxiety relief     the power of the mind-body     Explore new options to
           Life as a student can be     Exams and a hectic class  connection. Stress and anxi-    treat the mind, body
        filled with both stress and   load can leave you feeling  ety in life can cause us to hold
        excitement. Embarking on a   stressed out and anxious.  stress in various muscles of the   and spirit through
        new path, new course load, or   There have been several stud-  body.: tight shoulders, head-
                                     ies that suggest acupuncture  aches, and even low back pain.
        even new activities can come   may help reduce anxiety and  Acupuncture is an amazing     integrative medicine.
        with its fair share of mixed   depression. Some find it hard  tool when it comes to muscle
        emotions. Every new phase    to imagine that a therapy that  relief; it can be used to release   CHIROPRACTIC
        and transition in our life can   includes a needle could actu-  tight muscles and trigger points                             Student
        bring feelings of uncertainty.   ally be relaxing—but it is!  by way of acupuncture dry    ACUPUNCTURE                 Discount Available
        During  life’s  transitions  the   The overwhelming majority  needling, also known as trig-                           (Current Student ID required)
                                                                                                                              *Insurance copays as applicable
        kind of support we receive  of patients walk away from an  ger point releases. The needle                          Call Now for a FREE Consult!
        and seek out can make a dif-  acupuncture session relaxed  is inserted into the belly of the   REIKI                     (expires 12/31/17)
        ference in how we handle the  and energized or sometimes  muscle and the muscle goes

                                           Looking for a way to get rid of your tired, achy, heavy-feeling legs, or varicose veins?
                                                                        WE CAN HELP YOU!

                                                     Suffering from these leg symptoms could mean that you have vein disease.
                                                              • Varicose Veins    • Itching/Burning • Swelling/Swollen Ankles
                                                              • Spider Veins      • Restless Legs    • Cramping/Heavy Legs
                                                                                    Some Risk Factors:

                                                                  Pregnancy Prolonged Sitting/Standing  Age  Obesity  Hereditary

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