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Make Your Event Your Own

                                     nient and simple to customize
                                     your look. Cotton and polyes-                                     Planning an Event?
                                     ter are practical choices, while                                   Contact Us for Your Decor Host
                                     more exotic materials like lace,
                                     bichon, satin, silk, organza and                                We offer full-service event decorations, floral
                                     chiffon add an extravagant feel                                 arrangements and linen rental for DIY parties.
                                     to any event.                                                  Our service includes weddings, birthday parties,
                                     Tablecloths                                                       fundraisers, retirement, corporate events,
                                        Use tablecloths to make the                                          bridal, baby shower and more.
                                     venue conform to your vision.
                                     Making a strong first impres-                                          Visit us on Facebook, Instagram,
        Antonia James, Owner         sion on guests as they enter the                                         Pinterest and on the web at
                                     reception will help make your                           
           When planning any event,   event  one  to  remember.  You
        forget the trends and cre-   can choose colors to match  can use table runners. Runners
        ate your own! It really comes  your overall theme, comple-  allow you to combine your col-
        down to allowing room for  ment other table decorations,  ors in interesting, artistic and
        your own dreams, looking at  go with neutrals so they don’t  unexpected ways. Place flower
        your heart’s truest desires and  compete with centerpieces,  centerpieces and  candles  on
        thinking about what makes  or use textured fabrics to add  top of the runner as a decora-
        you happy. Once you have that  depth.                      tive touch. Customize the look
        figured out, then you can work   Table Runners             by choosing different colors     609-851-8704
        with an event planner to bring   To add an extra pop of color  for different tables, or choos-
        those dreams into reality—and  to your reception decor, you  ing shades that are similar to
        a memorable event.                                         your wedding colors without
        Why Linens?                                                being exactly the same.      ning. Always try
           Table linens play an impor-                             Cloth Napkins                just a little harder.
        tant role in the overall design                              Cloth  napkins  add  the   Work with venues
        of your party reception. The                               finishing touch to your table   and partners that
        right table linens can create a                            design. Use decorative nap-  take your event as
        cohesive look, contribute to                               kin rings to pull the design   seriously as you do.
        a theme, and set the stage for                             together; for example, choose  Surround yourself
        centerpieces and other table                               a ring featuring dangling glass  with people who
        decor. Cloth napkins, table                                leaves for a fall wedding, or  come through, time
        runners and table skirts are                               seashell-printed rings for a  after time. Above
        widely available in nearly every                           beach-themed reception.      all, let your passion
        color imaginable, so it’s conve-                             Take your time when plan-  show.

                      Taking the Anxiety Out of Car Repairs

                                      excitement triggers happi-   ognizing the ebb and flow  what may be needed in the  ing our business this way,
                                      ness which is considered  of these thoughts and the  immediate  future  as  well  I hope that maybe, just may-
                                      positive energy.             energy that surrounds us,  as recommendations that  be, we can reduce the anxi-

                                      WHAT IF?                     my crew can better accom-    could help prolong the life  ety that people feel when it
                                        What if you were able to   modate our customers by  of their vehicle. By structur-    comes to vehicle repair.
                                      recognize positive  energy   understanding the necessity
                                      from negative energy?        an automobile provides, but
                                        What if you could deter-   also the fear and anxiety                                 6095081950
                                      mine what lifts you up and  that goes along with main-
                                      what brings you down?        taining that vehicle.
                                        What if you gained the         Needing to make repairs
                                      ability to keep your fears  on your vehicle is not some-
        Brad Sabo, Owner & Operator
                                      and struggles from inter-    thing that anyone looks for-       • 1883 ROUTE 33 HAMILTON SQ, NJ 08690 •
                                      fering with your hopes and  ward to. I was aware of this
        ENERGY:                       dreams?                      thought before I even went            CONVENTIONAL OIL CHANGE
           We     carry    ourselves  THOUGHTS:                    into business, but knew that            WAS $34.95AS $34.95  NOW $24.95
        throughout  the  day,  every    It is thoughts like these   my team had the ability                     NOTE: UP TO 5 QT’S. STANDARD OIL & FILTER
        day with energy. Most of      that I carry along with me   to approach the common                   ADDITIONAL OIL / SPECIAL FILTER IS ADDITIONAL CHARGE
        us don’t recognize all its    every day. It is thoughts like   stigma that goes along with    • SHOP LOCAL • SHOP HAMILTON • SHOP SABO’S •
        shapes  and  forms.  Any-     these that help me to cre-   our business in a different                WWW.SABOAUTOMOTIVE.COM
        thing that triggers emotion   ate a bond between myself  manner. We knew that
        can be considered energy.  and  my  crew,  establishing  we could structure some-                 Visit us at 1883 Route 33,
        Struggles  trigger  frustra-  a  strong  team  who  share  thing to ensure that our                   Hamilton Square, NJ
        tion which can be defined  a common belief system  customers felt secure with
        as negative energy; whereas  and mutual goal. By rec-      our suggestions, including              609-508-1950

        Mercer County Woman                                                    2                                          November/December 2017
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