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Health & Wellness

              Finally, There is a Safe and Effective Way to

                                     Deal with That Double Chin!

                                      accumulate not only skin but  we can now narrow the treat-
                                      also fat as we age. We all look  ment area to be effective in
                                      at pictures of our parents and   the chin area. Sculpsure is
                                      grandparents and see the inev-  not only more effective at fat
                                      itable double or triple chin or   destruction than the above
                                      the  wonderful  turkey neck   mentioned treatments, but it
                                      and are determined not to go   has the additional benefit of
                                      that route ourselves. There
                                      have been several procedures   resulting in skin tightening
                                      in the past few years that   in the area as well. There are
                                      address this issue. Kybella is   no limitations on who can be
                                      an injectable that dissolves fat.   treated, the treatment itself is                           10% off
        Dr. Sharon Gertzman           This carries the risk of uneven  even more tolerable than body                              SculpSure for
                                     result as well as infection or  treatments, and results can be
                                     worse yet, necrosis or death  seen in a 2-3 months! There is                                any area–with
           As we age, things on our   of the tissue. More recently,  also no recovery period! Even                                 this ad only
        faces always just seem to    CoolSculpting  has  addressed   more importantly, SculpSure                                      (good until
                                     the issue by freezing the fat
        change and not for the better.   in the area. This procedure   does not carry the risks of the                              Dec. 31, 2017)
        We lose volume in our faces   is quite painful, has a long   above mentioned procedures.
        with age: fat pads under our   recovery time with significant   For more information about
        eyes and in our cheeks shrink,   swelling and pain, and does   how  this  procedure  can  give
        and we lose actual volume in   not address the issue of excess   you the result you are looking
        our bones as well. This causes   skin, only the fat.       for, give us a call at Serenity
        the existing skin to drop.      Fortunately SculpSure now    Medical Spa to schedule your
        While  we  tend  to  lose  fat  in  has the ability to be utilized in   free consultation. (609) 737-
        the front areas of our face, the  this area! With a new attach-  7737 or visit us on the web at
        area under our chins tends to  ment to the SculpSure laser

                          Broken Hearts

                “A place for those who have lost a loved one to addiction or suicide”

                                 Will the pain ever stop?
                  Why do I feel guilty when I laugh or feel any kind of joy?
                             How do I answer the questions?
                                Does anyone understand?

                              Meetings will be held every
                          first and third Sunday of the month

                            Recovery Advocates of America
                                2117 Route 33, Suite 1
                                  Hamilton, NJ 08690
                                  Time: 11:00AM

                         Facilitator: Carol Feldman LCSW, CAS
                                Phone: (609) 841-­‐9083

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