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Health & Wellness

                                   Tooth Enamel Wear and Erosion

                                        ons, oranges, soda, and coffee to   Your  dentist should  evaluate
                                        name a few can be the culprits.  the cause of the wear and ero-
                                        Drinking through a straw can help   sion and suggest strategies to stop
                                        to protect the enamel on the front   the damage. Enamel cannot grow
                                           A person with certain medical   back. Some studies suggest rem-
                                        disorders  are  also  prone  to  ero-  ineralization is possible to a small
                                        sion. GERD, gastric reflux disease,  degree. Prevention and awareness
                                        can affect the enamel on the back  is the best way to preserve pre-
                                        of the front teeth. Similarly with  cious tooth structure. A regular
                                        bulimia—the acid from repetitive   check up with your dentist and
        Karen Winterfield-Dodds, D.M.D.  vomiting  can  also  destroy  teeth   hygienist can prevent future dam-
                                        structure throughout the mouth.
           Wear and erosion of tooth       Swimmers who spend hours in   age and catch erosion and wear in
        enamel is a common problem seen   the pool are often seen with dam-  the early stages..
        in both young and older patients.   aged enamel. The passing of water   Karen Winterfield-Dodds
        Often,  patients  notice the  prob-  with chlorine over the teeth can
        lem when their teeth have lost   cause enamel erosion.                     D.M.D.
        their shine or the edges of their   Bruxism (grinding) is another   109 Franklin Corner Rd.
        central teeth look grey or paper   cause of enamel and tooth destruc-  Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        thin. Molar teeth appear darker   tion. As is over-brushing with a      609-895-8882
        toward the gum line.            hard toothbrush. Over-bleaching      609-895-8887 (FAX)
           It is important for the dentist  is  also  a  known  cause.  Abuse  of   exceptionaldentistry@
        to evaluate the reasons for the  over-the-counter bleaching prod-
        changes. Diet can be a primary  ucts has become rampant among
        factor. Acidic food such as lem- young adults.          

         Fit in Fitness–RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center Shares How

           Submerged in the holidays,  for sweater weather. You would   nature they are personalized
        it’s tempting to put yourself last.  not  hesitate  to  spend  money   so you don’t need to sign
        However, to keep giving and  and time on the gift of health   each one.
        going, your health must be a  for a loved one. Treat yourself.  • Outsource side dishes; focus
        priority.                       The Center offers countless   only on making your meal
           Stress and holiday treats  Group Fitness classes at times to   favorites.
        weigh  heavily  on  our  minds  fit everyone’s schedule. Put one   • Buy your baked goods at a
        and waists. Cold and flu germs  or two on your calendar. There   local bakery; support small
        make their own holiday visits.  are options for every inter-
        Let a stress-busting, immune- est, from Zumba® to Pilates   business and splurge on non-
        boosting, calorie-burning work- Barre. Enjoy water workouts in   processed treats. Win-win!
        out energize your season. With  the Center’s salt-water filtered   Prioritize fitness. You’ll be
        health intact, you will better  pools.  Banish  that  repetitive   amazed at the time you can
        enjoy the holidays – including  reindeer song from your mind!   manage through a few holiday
        the occasional snowman cookie. Indulge in an hour of upbeat   hacks.
           With a to-do list the size of  music and movement.      Work on New Year’s Resolu-           GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF HEALTH
        Santa’s, you need RWJ Fitness &   Pack your gym bag in  tions                                           Your journey to wellness begins here!
        Wellness Center’s plan to fit in  advance. This eliminates the   Time is running out. Have
        fitness.                     inner debate. It’s easier to head   you achieved all (or any) of your         JOIN NOW AND
        Plan Ahead                   out committed to a workout    2017 resolutions? Pick one that                    Choose!     *
           Holiday preparations and  than  contemplate  it all day.   is still important to you. Get it
        celebrations often consume any  Make it as convenient and   done, or at least started. Review
        unscheduled (and even some  habitual as possible. Once you   any others that remain. Decide
        scheduled) time. Commit to  get to the Center, do whatever   if they are worthy to carry into   EXTRA CASH OFF         THREE PACK OF
        a fitness routine. Put the time,  fitness routine you can man-
        duration, and specific workout  age—or simply relax in the spa   2018.                             Membership         One-Hour Personal Training
        on the calendar. Respect it.   tub or sauna.                 Take advantage of the Cen-      * Cannot combine offers. Some restrictions apply. Must present this advertisement.
           Gift yourself personal train- Be Rigid about Your Health  ter’s  free  evaluations  with  a   First time visitors only. Must show ID. Must be 18 or older. Expires 12/31/17.
        ing sessions at RWJ Fitness     You can’t ignore the season’s   personal trainer and nurse. Use   3100 Quakerbridge Road, Mercerville, NJ 08619  |  609.584.7600  |
        &  Wellness  Center.  A  trainer  demands, but you can make   your findings to create fitness    /RWJHamiltonCenterforHealthWellness      @RWJFitandWell      @RWJFitandWell       RWJFitandWell
        helps you remain accountable  time for your workout and well-  and health goals for the new
        and engaged, despite being  being:                         year. It’ll be here before you
        busier than a toy-making elf.  • Shop online; use saved travel  know it. RWJ Fitness & Well-  Visit today – 3100 Quakerbridge Road, Mercerville, NJ
                                                                                                                   or call 609.584.7600
        A trainer also helps assure you   time for your workout.   ness Center is ready to guide   Enjoy our complimentary e-magazine at
        aren’t developing a body built  • Send photo holiday cards; by  you through.                      for exciting ideas on how to live your healthiest.

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