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Adopt Boomer!                                    him busy.” He needs a family with
            Adopt Boomer!

                                                             older children (teens) or just adults
                                                             and no other 4 legged pets.
                                                         In an effort to find that special someone,
                           AFEW has not given up on
             Boomer—this guy has been looking for that   Boomer’s good behavior at the vet, in the
             special family of his own since late 2014!! As   kennel, and with his handler excels. He has
             of April 24, 2018 it’s been 1270 days of shel-  the propensity for being ridiculously happy
             ter/kennel living for this boy. The AFEW   when he’s outside playing and burning his
             family of volunteers, do their best to keep   energy up. Remember a good dog is a tired
             him active and engaged, he goes for walks at   dog!
             the park a few times a week, and AFEW has   And if this post seems a little more hos-
             the kennel give him play times.          tage-like than the more cheerful adoption
                In the time we have had Boomer we     promos — well, it’s just one more effort to
             learned a lot about him. He is a smart dog   get one of AFEW’s long-term residents his
             that needs  a  job  of  some  sort—a  hiking   own family, at last. “He has waited a long
             companion, jogging buddy, or being one of   time and we would love to see him finally
             the “guys.” Boomer is respectful of his han-  get his forever home. As anyone who works
             dler, he is healthy, strong, clean and playful.   in rescue will tell you, it is never sad when
                The fact that Boomer is part American   our animals go home. It is only sad when
             Staffordshire Terrier makes it difficult for  week after week they patiently wait and
             him and others like him. The  restrictions  seem invisible to adopters and come to think
             are pretty clear: Boomer is a little too in-  of their kennel as home.”
             terested in cats and other dogs, so his new   This  dog  was  neutered,  vaccinated,
             home should be feline and canine-free. And  microchipped and tattooed with funds pro-
             because he’s a young guy — about five —  vided by AFEW. Pictures courtesy of Tom
             with lots of energy we are hoping to send  Myers of Bundle of Paws Photography
             him home with “a calm, experienced owner  (donated to help the AFEW animals find
             that can make his life predictable and keep  homes).
                       A.F.E.W. |

                          Helping to place loving pets in their forever homes.                    If you would like to meet Boomer please
                                                                                                  email AFEW at
                                ADOPT DON’T SHOP                                                             or call 609.209.9327

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