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         CoolSculpting vs SculpSure: Which is the Better Choice?

                                      ability to freeze the body tis-  are therefore able to heat the
                                      sue that is pulled up into the  fat cells up to the temperature
                                      machine in a rectangular block.  needed for them to rupture and
                                      Temperature has no ability to  die without any damage to the
                                      discern between tissue, so it is  surrounding  structures  at  all.
                                      freezing whatever it comes in   Additionally, the laser energy
                                      contact with, including blood   fans  out  to  the  surrounding
                                      supply, nerve endings and lym-  areas, heating in an even pat-
                                      phatics. As a result, patients   tern, resulting in a smooth,
                                      commonly have nerve pain     beautiful contour with virtually
                                      during the healing period and   no risk! The manner in which
                                      beyond. Additionally, the area   the laser energy is delivered                                  Fall
                                      treated  is  literally  that  block
        Dr. Sharon Gertzman                                        feels like gentle warming with                                  Special!
                                      that has been pulled up into the
           There is a lot of information   machine, sometimes resulting   some peaks of heat as you lay                           $250 off a
        out there regarding the new   in what is referred to as “shark   comfortably on the table for a                       Treat to Complete
        body contouring devices on the   bites.” Imagine a bite of tissue   mere 25 minutes.                                       Package
        market. There are some signifi-  pulled out from an area, leaving   So whatever area is bother-                             (good until
        cant differences between the   an indentation in the surround-  ing you: that double chin, that                          October 31, 2018)
        two that are really important   ing areas. Additionally, there is   baby belly, those inner thighs,
        to know. As many of you, who  also a lot of discomfort associ-  buttocks, posterior thighs,
        have read my articles over the  ated with the freezing process   arms, we can improve the way
        years know, safety in aesthetic  as well as the massage of the   you look and feel! Come in to
        procedures is very important to  frozen area after the procedure   Serenity Medical Spa for your
        me. While both CoolSculpting  is complete.                 free consultation and we will
        and SculpSure will offer reduc-  On the contrary, SculpSure  individualize a treatment plan
        tion in fat, there is much more  is a laser. It is a wavelength of  for you!
        risk to the CoolSculpting pro-  light that has an affinity for fat.   Give us a call today at (609)
        cedure.                      It does not effect the surround-  737-7737 or visit us on the web
           CoolSculpting only has the  ing tissues as it does the fat. We  at

                                    T’ai Chi Chih

                                             is a gentle, moving,
                                           meditation that is taught
                                              standing or seated.

                                                   Benefits:                           Concerned about your drinking?
                                          - Helps increase immunity
                                          - Aids improving sleep quality
                                          - Improvement in balance
                                                                                       Because women are more sensitive
                                          - Helps lower high blood                     than men to alcohol’s effects, the
                                            pressure                                   line between social and harmful
                                          - May decrease symptoms                      drinking can be easier to cross.
                                            of depression                              And a woman's tendency to feel
                                                                                       more shame and guilt about
                                                                                       drinking "too much" can make it     Loraine J. Washton, Ph.D.
                                          Classes offered in Hamilton                  harder for her to seek professional      Co-Founder and
                                                1970 Hwy. 33                           help. Dr. Lori Washton, a clinical     Licensed Psychologist
                                                                                                                                NJ License No. 5173
                                              Register NOW:                            and addiction psychologist and
                                                                                       co-founder of The Washton Group,
                                              609-752-1048                             a private practice in Princeton NJ,
                                                                                       is sensitive to the special needs of
                                            women who want to cut back on
                                                                                       their drinking or stop completely –
                                         Struggling with a                             including parents, executives, and
                                         chronic condition?                            professionals. Contact Dr. Washton
                                         Book a private                                today to set up your private
                                         Energy Balancing                              consultation.
                                                               1000 Herrontown Rd | Princeton, NJ 08540
                                                                                          |  609.497.0433

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