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Health & Wellness

                  Flossing Can Have a Great

           Impact on Your Overall Health

                                     for 2 minutes.  Brushing alone  often  snag  on  a  rough  filling,
                                     cannot rid you of the bacteria  catch on a broken tooth, and
                                     that live between the teeth and  fall into a new cavity.  Floss-
                                     under the gum line.  These  ing can help to identify dental
                                     bacteria that live under the   problems early on before they
                                     gum line can not only cause   become more serious.
                                     gum disease but can also create   Keeping bacteria to a mini-
                                     an environment that can cause   mum by brushing and flossing,
                                     bad breath and cavities.      and seeing your dental profes-
                                        Flossing once a day, pref-  sional on a regular basis, can
                                     erably before bedtime, can    improve your overall health.
                                     prevent other diseases as well.    Now that is something to smile
                                     Removal of  bacteria  from
        Karen Winterfield-Dodds, D.M.D.  between the teeth can prevent   about!
                                     the bacteria migration into the  Karen Winterfield-Dodds
           There are small things we   bloodstream.  Bacteria in the        D.M.D.
        can do daily to improve our  bloodstream could travel to the   109 Franklin Corner Rd. |
        overall health.  Eat a balanced  heart, affect other  organs  and   Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
        diet, exercise, and floss your  artificial  joints,  causing  other   609-895-8882 | 609-895-
        teeth.    Yes,  flossing  can  have  more serious health problems.
        a great impact on your overall   Flossing can also give you       8887 (FAX)
        health.                      other clues to your overall den-  exceptionaldentistry@
           Firstly, you should brush  tal health.  Dental problems
        a minimum of 2 times a day  can begin silently.  Floss can

          The Five Elements - Late Summer and Autumn

                                     from summer to fall; as well as  an energy that manifest in men-  are closely associated with spiri-  accomplishments, eliminating the
                                     to align with the Five Elements.  tal and spiritual activities. It is a  tuality through their connection  unnecessary, and storing away
                                     Late Summer is the season for  time of personal introspection as  with the breath and masculine  essentials needed for the future.
                                     harvesting the bounty of grain  Winter approaches and the days  energy of the universe, Heav-  References:
                                     and fruits from the earth and  grow shorter. Fall is a time for  enly Father. The Metal energy   Haas, Elson M., M.D., Staying Healthy
                                     the gathering of nourishment.  household projects and family. A  draws us to search for meaning   with the Seasons, Celestial Arts, Berkeley,
                                     It is a season of satisfaction, of  time to continue harvesting and  in our lives.      CA, 1981
                                     enjoying the fruits of one’s labor.  storing goods.           The energies of Late Summer   MacKenzie, Janice, Discovering the Five
                                                                                                                             Elements One Day at A Time,
                                     Late Summer may be the season   The organs associated to  and Autumn allow us to prepare   Wind Palace Publishing, New Hope, PA,
                                     of worry and insecurity if crops  Metal are the lung  and  large  for winter by taking stock of our   2002
                                     have failed as a time of need may  intestine. Due to Metal’s associa-
                                     lie ahead.                    tion with air, the Lung connects
        Diane L. Ailey, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,                                                         HAMILTON HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTER
        LMT, Reiki Master               Earth is associated with the  the outside world to our interior.
                                     phase of human life highlighted  Through respiration, the Lung   LEXINGTON SQUARE: 2131 RT 33, HAMILTON SQUARE
           As we enter Late Summer  by family and career; and, Late  receives oxygen and eliminates            609.586.6300
        with Autumn not  far beyond,  Summer is a time of stability and  carbon dioxide. In the process of   Pain Management | Stress | Anxiety
        the Five Elements move through  home life. It is a time for parent-  breathing, the Lung supports the
        their phases  to  the  Earth and  ing and to nurture the next gen-  health of every cell in our body.  WWW.HAMILTONHOLISTICWELLNESSCENTER.COM
        Metal elements, respectively.  eration. Late Summer is associ-  The large intestine is respon-
        From my previous articles “The  ated with “Mother” Earth. The  sible for absorption of water and   Explore new options to treat
        Five Elements” and “Acupunc-  organs associated with Earth  minerals before the final elimina-  the mind, body and spirit
        ture and the  Fire Element”  in  are the stomach and the spleen.  tion of feces. If the large intestine
        Mercer County Woman May/     These  are  organs  involved  in  is not functioning properly all   through integrative medicine.
        June and July/August issues, you  digestion and the nourishment  life systems slow down, back up   CHIROPRACTIC
        will recall that the Five Elements  of the body; Late Summer is also  and become stagnant.  Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound,
        are derived from the observation  a time to nourish the mind and   The  emotion for Metal is   Laser Light Therapy
        of nature, and more specifically,  the spirit.             grief. The ability to grieve a loss
        the changing of the seasons.    Autumn is the season of Metal.  and move on in a reasonable   ACUPUNCTURE
        The Five Elements association  Metallic ores provide strength  time is Metal energy functioning   Migraines, Women’s Issues,
        for Late Summer is Earth and  and conductivity. Precious met-  appropriately. When the griev-  Insomnia (and many more)    FREE
        Metal  is  the  dominant  element  als and gemstones are associated  ing process stalls, the lungs and   REIKI         ACUPUNCTURE
        for Autumn.                  with quality and value. Miner-  the large intestine functions may   Inner Peace and Harmony,   CONSULTATION
           Earth is the energy of Late  als enrich the soil and nourish  present as breathing or bowel   Balance Mind and Emotions,   with this ad.
        Summer. This season was devel-  life. In Chinese theory, Metal is  problems.                                         Offer valid through 10/31/18
        oped as a transitional season  associated with air as they share   Autumn and Metal energies   Relaxation

        Mercer County Woman                                                     6                                          September/October 2018
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