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         GERD: Seek Help Before You Develop Complications

                                     chocolate, large meals and lying  4.  Esophageal  adenocarcino-
                                     down soon after eating can lead   ma which is a deadly form
                                     to  GERD. These food items      of cancer.
                                     have been called trigger foods.  5.  Atypical GERD which may
                                     Hiatal hernia, where a part of   lead to hoarse voice, asthma
                                     the stomach is pushed up above   attacks and esophageal
                                     the diaphragm, results in a weak   spasm with chest pain.
                                     lower esophageal sphincter and   GERD can be effectively
                                     can lead to GERD.             treated in a majority of patients
                                        It is important to pay atten-  by lifestyle modifications and
                                     tion to symptoms of GERD and   medications. This includes
        Punitha Shivaprasad, DO      seek medical help before  one   avoiding the above listed trig-
                                     develops complications. Com-  ger foods, eating at least three
           GastroEsophageal   Reflux  plications of GERD include:  hours  before lying  down  and
        Disease (GERD) and acid reflux   1.  Reflux esophagitis, or in-  elevating head end of the bed.
        have been used interchange-     flammation of the lining of   Medications include antac-
        ably.  GERD  affects  about  10   the esophagus leading to   ids, acid reducers such as H2
        to 20% of adult population. It   erosions or ulcers which   blockers and Proton pump
                                        can bleed.
        is a condition where stomach    2.  Stenosis, or  narrowing of   inhibitors.
        contents enter the esophagus    the esophagus due to re-     Early diagnosis and treat-
        due to a weak lower esophageal   peated inflammation with   ment of GERD can avoid se-
        sphincter. Common symptoms      scar tissue formation. This   rious complications including
        include heartburn and a sense   can lead to difficulty with   cancer of the esophagus.
        of acid or sour taste in the    swallowing.
        back of the mouth. Nausea and   3.  Barrett’s esophagus where
        vomiting including blood may    the lining of the esophagus
        be seen with GERD.              changes into that of the
           Acidic foods such as tomato   small intestine. It is a risk
        sauce,  orange  juice,  coffee,   factor for developing cancer                              If you have GERD, please call (609)-917-9917
        carbonated beverages, alcohol,   of the esophagus.                                         or visit

               LIFE St. Francis

               Coordinated and Comprehensive
                        Healthcare for Seniors

             If you’re like millions of other family caregivers,   socialize and make new friends. The LIFE Center
             you want the best care for your aging loved one.   provides one location where doctors, nurses
             But getting that care can be frustrating. You know   and other healthcare professionals can provide
             what it’s like to drive your loved one to different   treatment and monitor changes in an individual’s
             appointments. You know managing medications   health. Transportation to the Center is included.
             and coordinating care between doctors can be   The LIFE team will:
             challenging. And you struggle with leaving your   • Make a special healthcare plan for and with each
             loved one at home alone during the day. It doesn’t   participant.
             have to be this way. LIFE St. Francis can coordinate   • Manage all healthcare services for participants.
             all the care and services your loved one needs, so   • Help participants to live safely in the community.
             you don’t have to place them in a nursing home.
                                                           Participants receive all healthcare services from LIFE
             The LIFE Center is an important part of this   St. Francis. Other than emergency care, all services
             program. It is located at 7500 Kevin Johnson   must be authorized by the care team. A provider
             Boulevard in Bordentown. Here, seniors receive   within the LIFE network must deliver these
             health care, nutritious meals, and participate in   services. Participants may be liable for the payment
             activities with others so they may remain active,   of unauthorized or out-of-network services.

             Call LIFE St. Francis at 609.599.LIFE (5433) to see if you or your family member is eligible.
             Or visit us at www/

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