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                                           Roundup – Your Time’s Up!!

                                     hit – except the growing crop.  the shikimate enzyme pathway
                                     These crops are called Geneti-  – a pathway only found in bacte-  Kate Thomsen MD, MPH
                                     cally  Modified  (or  Geneti-  ria, plants and fungi. This is the
                                     cally Engineered) transgenic,  biologic process that makes aro-       IntegratIve and HolIstIc HealtH
                                     glyphosate-resistant  crops.  matic amino acids in the plants                   and Wellness
                                     Transgenic  means  2  different  and bacteria (which they share         For Glyphosate rescue—
                                     gene pools were mixed. In this  with us!!) Humans cannot make           since we are all exposed!!
                                     case, plants and bacteria. Cur-  aromatic amino acids (AAA)    •  Avoid Glyphosate and GBHs. Don’t apply it; eat organic
                                     rently Genetically Modified  and we call them “essential”      •  Organic diet, bentonite clay, sauerkraut juice, fulvic/humic acid
                                     Roundup Ready Crops include:  meaning we must get them from    •  Acetobacter – one of the few microbes that can metabolize
                                     soy, corn, canola, beets, alfalfa,  our diet (or gut microbiome).   glyphosate; found in Sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar
                                     cotton  and tobacco.  Since  Phenylalanine, tryptophan, his-   •  Micronutrient diet high in pre/probiotics and polyphenols
        Dr. Kate Thomsen and Silky   these crops were introduced  tidine, tyrosine and folates (and   (brightly colored fruits and vegetables); organic eggs
                                     to the market glyphosate use  even  thyroxine,  L-DOPA,  and   •  Replace minerals – bone broth; replace aromatic amino acids
           Chances are you ate some                                                                 •  Replace sulfur: cruciferous vegetables, garlic, onions, seafood
        today. You might have had some   has increased 15 fold. In 2015  5 –HTP) can become deficient   (clams, mussels, oysters)
                                     89% of corn, 94% of soybeans  in a person eating Glyphosate
        with your breakfast. You prob-  and 89% of the cotton crops  sprayed foods. The glyphosate   •  Polyphenols as sulfur transporters: parsley, cilantro, dandelion
        ably drank some today. There                                                                 greens, thyme, basil, lipoic acid, MSM
        was probably some in  your   are genetically modified. Now  residue  can  block  the  produc-  •  Epsom salts baths for sulfur if intolerant of sulfur foods and
        water. If you went outside in the   glyphosate is contained in over  tion of aromatic amino acids   •  Far Infrared Sauna
                                     750 products in the US. These  by your microbiome. These
        spring  or  summer  and  walked   are mostly herbicides for GM  AAAs are components of your
        in public spaces, you probably   crops but also products used in  neurotransmitters, your thy-                 Office of Dr. Kate Thomsen
        brought some into your house   agriculture, forestry, urban and  roid function and methylation                  252 West Delaware Ave.
                                                                                                                         Pennington, NJ 08534
        on the soles of your shoes. Your   home applications. Glyphosate  processes – generally functions
        exposure to this insidious toxin   is also used for crop desiccation  you need to be working well for               609-818-9700
        is fairly guaranteed. And the   (drying) either pre- or post-har-  you. Glyphosate also chelates
        independently conducted scien-  vest. This practice can increase  (binds tightly) minerals. Rob-   Additional articles on holistic health topics
        tific research on what has been   crop yields and is used on cereal  bing the weeds of their minerals     can be found on the website
        called a harmless herbicide, is   grains  (wheat,  barley,  oats),  oil  is another way they will die. But
        starting to emerge. And it does   seeds (rapeseed/canola, mustard  soils depleted of minerals and   kills beneficial bacteria in our  grown oats were examined and
        not look good. Glyphosate, the   seed, linseed), legumes (edible  eating crops containing mineral   gut  allowing pathogenic bac-  1/3 of these tested positive for
        active ingredient in Roundup, as   beans, peanuts), and orchards  binding compounds can is not   teria to grow. It interferes with  glyphosate but well below the
        well as all the glyphosate based   and vineyards. The practice  helpful for our nutritional needs.   our liver detoxification systems.  EWG health benchmark. This
        herbicides may be on their way   also increases the sugar content   Safety testing by indepen-  Glyphosate is an endocrine   study has caused some alarm
        to being banned.             in sugar cane before harvest.  dent labs has shown conflicting   disruptor.  The  result  of  these   and rightly so.
           Glyphosate has been called,   From this list, you can see that  results. Animal feeding stud-  initially unnoticeable changes   In June 2018 a 46 yo man
        by the industry, a once-in-a-  your  exposure  to  glyphosate  ies that are shorter in duration   that disrupt our homeostasis   who was a heavy Roundup user
        century herbicide. Introduced   could be significant.      and don’t expose the animal   over time can be the manifesta-  as a school groundskeeper sued
        in 1974, it’s mode of action was   Glyphosate residues are  while in utero have shown less   tion of a wide range of chronic   Monsanto for suppressing evi-
        unique, it had no competition   found in the air, groundwater,  significant health effects than  diseases: autoimmunity and   dence that Roundup causes can-
        and it remains a VERY effective   drinking  water,  crops,  food  studies done for longer time  allergy, celiac disease, inflam-
        broad spectrum herbicide. It   and animal feed. It is found in  frames  and  including  young  matory bowel disease and other   cer. Mr. Dewayne Johnson has
        was touted as being toxicologi-  nonorganic cotton clothes,  developing  animals.  In  addi-  gastrointestinal disorders, neu-  terminal non-Hodgkins Lym-
        cally and environmentally safe.   sterile gauze, and tampons.  tion, studies on Roundup,  rodegenerative diseases (ALS,   phoma. The jury concluded
        Through lax FDA policies at the   Farm workers will get exposure  where there are multiple “inert”  MS, Parkinsons..) learning and   that Monsanto did indeed have
        time, Roundup was approved   through the skin and by inhala-  ingredients, in addition to the  memory impairment, anxiety,   evidence that Roundup can
        through Monsanto submitting   tion. The general population is  glyphosate, show much more  depression, autism, ADHD,   cause cancer and other health
        its own data. The “indepen-  probably most exposed through  toxicity. Animal studies with  obesity and diabetes, develop-  conditions and hid this informa-
        dent” testing labs providing this   food and water. Field tests have  exposure to Roundup have  mental and reproductive tox-  tion from the public (reminis-
        evaluation for Monsanto were   shown that glyphosate  residue  shown an increased risk of kid-  icity, cancer, chronic fatigue,   cent  of  big  Tobacco???).  They
        later investigated, prosecuted   was still present on lettuce, car-  ney cancer, breast cancer, liver  muscle weakness, fungal infec-  awarded him $289 million.
        and convicted of submitting   rots and barley up to 1 year after  cancer, disruption in sex hor-  tions, B12 deficiency – have all   There are about 4000 similar
        false data. Roundup has never  the land was sprayed. If it is in  mones, kidney dysfunction, and  been proposed.     cases expected to follow. I think
        required any regulatory agency  the food, is it in us? In a 2015  overgrowth of fungus. In 2015   A very recently released  Roundup’s time is up!!!
        testing or monitoring.       nationwide UCSF study of 131  the  International  Agency  for  study by the Environmental   Dr. Kate Thomsen’s office for
           Roundup soon became the  urine samples, 83% tested posi-  Research on Cancer (IARC) of  Working Group was titled,   holistic health care is located
        dominant herbicide worldwide.  tive for glyphosate. The highest  WHO classified glyphosate as  “Breakfast with a Dose of   in Pennington, NJ. She is
        With it’s patent running out in  levels were found in children  a probable human carcinogen.  Roundup?” 45 samples of food   trained in Family Medicine,
        2000, the manufacturer, Mon-  and in persons in the western  In 2017 the state of California  products  made  with  conven-  and Board Certified in
        santo, discovered how to keep  US and the midwest. Only 2  listed glyphosate in its Prop 65  tionally grown oats were exam-  Integrative Medicine, and is
        reaping glyphosate profits. In  years earlier, a European study  registry, chemicals known to  ined. Three-quarters of these   an Institute for Functional
        1996 Monsanto introduced  showed 43% of urines tested  cause cancer.                    contained glyphosate levels       Medicine Certified
        Roundup Ready crops. These  were positive for glyphosate     Glyphosate robs us of some  higher than what EWG sci-     Practitioner. She has been
        crops have a bacterial gene  and at 1/3 the  level found in  aromatic amino acids and min-  entists consider protective of   practicing Functional
        inserted in them that protected  2015. The US is a heavy user of  erals we need for our function. It  children’s health. This includes   Medicine for 20 years.
        them from the herbicide. This  glyphosate but overall use keeps  replaces the amino acid glycine  Cheerios @ 700ppb glyphosate   For more information see
        would allow massive spraying of  increasing every year as well.  in some of our proteins making  and Quaker Old Fashioned Oats
        fields – almost effortlessly kill-  So what does glyphosate do?  dysfunctional proteins that are  @ 930ppb glyphosate. Sixteen   or call the office at
        ing every plant/weed the spray  It’s unique action is to disable  more difficult to eliminate. It  products made with organically   609-818-9700.

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