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          Non-Invasive Pain Treatment: No Surgery or Cortisone

                                             to obtain a global understanding of the
                                             patient, including specific complaints     COMPREHENSIVE PAIN AND REGENERATIVE CENTER
                                             and past medical and social history. Next
                                             come diagnostic studies such  as blood          NATURAL PAIN RELIEF & BODY REGENERATION
                                             tests, xrays, MRI and electrodiagnostic   •  Neurodiagnostic studies available on site:   •  PRP/PPP
                                             studies (EMG/NCV).                       EMG/NCV (electromyography), VNG/    Platelets Rich Plasma/
                                             REGENERATE RATHER THAN                   Posturography,                      Platelets Poor Plasma
                                             REPLACE! STEM CELLS, PLATE-              ANS: Autonomic Nervous System     •  Stem Cells Regenerative Treatment
                                             LETS RICH PLASMA (PRP) AND               diagnostic study, Memory &        •  Physical Therapy on Site
                                             PLATELETS POOR PLASMA (PPP)              Cognitive Testing                 •  Fall Prevention Program
                                                Regenerate rather than replace      •  TPI Nonsteroid Trigger Points Injections  •  Medical Weight Loss
                                             your joints, tendons, muscles, skin, and   •  RFA Radiofrequency Ablation: alleviate   •  Aesthetic Medicine:
        Dorota M. Gribbin, MD                wounds with Regenerative Injection       pain with elevated temperature      Botox, Fillers, Skin Care,
                                             Therapy with Growth Factors in Plate-  • Tenotomy Tendon Restoration         Body & Face Sculpting
           Countless Americans endure debili-  lets Rich Plasma (PRP) and Kinines in                            181 North Harrison St. PRINCETON, NJ 08540
        tating  pain  every  day.  We  live  longer   Platelets Poor Plasma (PPP).             2333 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd., Suite 8, MERCERVILLE, NJ 08619
        and therefore have much higher chance   PROLOTHERAPY                                  369 Applegarth Rd., Suite #4, Apple Plaza, MONROE TWP, NJ 08831
        to experience painful conditions than   Prolotherapy is a method of injection                                      609.588.0540
        our ancestors.                       treatment designed to stimulate healing.                                 Toll Free 1.844.866.4488
           “Pain is a symptom,” says Dorota M.   RADIOFREQUENCY:                                         
        Gribbin, M.D., Assistant Clinical Profes-  A Revolutionary Modality in the
        sor at Columbia University – College   Treatment of Painful Conditions and
        of  Physicians  and  Surgeons,  Chairman   in Body Regeneration & Rejuvenation.   State of the art diagnostic studies,  formed in a sterile setting.
        of Physical Medicine and Rehabilita-   Radiofrequency ablation of the    posturography and VNG testing are    CHRONIC PAIN TREATMENT
        tion section at Robert Wood Johnson  median branch sensory nerve “turns off”   followed with customized balance and   WITH BOTOX
        University Hospital at Hamilton and  a small nerve which conducts pain.   gait retraining with safety and vestibular   Chronic headache, neck pain, painful
        Medical Director of Comprehensive    ANS: AUTONOMIC NERVOUS              adaptation training.                 spastic upper and lower extremities related
        Pain and Regenerative Center. “In order   SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC STUDY        TENOTOMY                             to stroke and multiple sclerosis are treated
        to manage pain effectively, it is essential   NEW  15-minute noninvasive  test   The mechanical treatment of ten-  with BOTOX with excellent results.
        to pinpoint its cause.” Named one of the  allows to diagnose neurological and vas-  dinitis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis of foot,   For more information
        best doctors in the New York Metro  cular etiology of pain (complex regional  ankle, hip,  knee,  elbow,  shoulder  and
        Area by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.  pain syndrome, polyneuropathy, mono-  knee joints. Without medications, only    call 609-588-0540
        for 14 consecutive years between 1999  neuropathy with or without diabetes  local anesthetics, needle emulsifies   Toll Free: 844-866-4488
        and 2013, the pain management special-  mellitus).                       pathological tissue in the tendon and
        ist uses a minimally invasive approach  FALL PREVENTION & BALANCE        promotes self-healing of the connective   Office visits by appointment
        to outsmart tough pain. Her first step is  DISORDERS TREATMENT           tissue. It is a 3-5 minute procedure per-

                                   Lose your

                                   Sublative     ®  Professional Skin
                                                   Rejuvenation Treatment

                                    Reverse the Signs of Aging
                                             Correct Sun-Damaged Skin         Get Ready for the Holidays
                                                   and Erase Fine Lines       with Body Contouring
                                                    Radiofrequency E-2
                                        Sublime and Sublative Treatments

                       Non-Surgical  Safe for All Skin Types   FDA Cleared    (plan ahead—takes 6 weeks of
                                                                              treatment for optimal results)
                      ACNE                       WRINKLES
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            Call today to set up your consultation                                                                 609-631-5043


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