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Page 6  People Papers April 2018
                                                                                                      Help spread the word!
                                                                                  Our first Shredder Day is Saturday May 5th 9-12(noon).
                                                                                  (Our next Shredder Day will be Saturday October 13th)
                                                                                  Bring all your personal papers and watch them get shredded while you enjoy a
                                                                                  FREE cup of Starbucks coffee.

                                                                                  Our Community Garden opening is set for May 12th, with rain date of May 19th.
                                                                                  If you love to play in the dirt and plant, please join us. (All garden dates and events
                                                                                  are subject to weather conditions).
                                                                                  Remember to check our Face Book Page for all our new upcoming events and news
                                                                                  and for all township events

                                                                                  We are hoping to get our Silver award through sustainable NJ and many hands
                                                                                  make light work. Any help is greatly appreciated.
                                                                                  Thank You, The Bordentown Township Environmental Commission
                                                                                  Roger A. Plew - Chairman and Carole Cann - Secretary

                                                                                                     Recording Studio


                                                                                         RECORDING         MIXING       MASTERING     PRODUCTION
                                                                                                        BORDENTOWN, NJ
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