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                                                                                   American Heart Association and Capital Health Hospital-Mercer
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                                                                                 Assemblyman Benson recently spoke at a press conference at the State House
                                                                                 sponsored by the American Heart Association and Capital Health Hospital-Mercer
                                                                                 to raise awareness for the importance of stroke care. Strokes are the third leading
                                                                                 cause of death in New Jersey, and nearly 3400 people in our State will die due to a
                                                                                 stroke every year. It is also a leading cause of disability in New Jersey. Time is a
                                                                                 critical factor in treatment of stroke, those who receive treatment within 3 hours
                                                                                 have much better outcomes.
                                                                                 Over a decade ago New Jersey was one of the first states to designate stroke
                                                                                 centers. However New Jersey’s current stroke care system is in need of an update.
                                                                                 As such, Assemblyman Benson has introduced Assembly Bill 3670, which would
                                                                                 provide for the designation of acute stroke ready hospitals, establish a Stroke Care
                                                                                 Advisory Panel and Statewide stroke database, and require the development of
                                                                                 emergency medical services stroke care protocols. A-3670 is currently pending
                                                                                 consideration in the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee.

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