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          What do May Showers Bring?  14 years in a row
                                     By: Chef Frank Benowitz, CHE

         The saying “April showers bring May flowers” may have to be changed to May showers bring June sunburns.
         Is it me, or did we seem to kind of skip over Spring this year (unless all of the rain counts as our Spring).
         Regardless of the weather, on May 19, I was able to lead our Salsa Team to our 14  year in a row as the NJ
         State People's Choice Champion for my mango salsa…yay!!!

         When it comes to creating/preparing salsa, or any food, the saying “made with love” is essential.  As Haddaway once
         said “what is love?” - in food preparation; love is making the very best food that you possibly can for your guests/loved
         ones to enjoy.  When making my salsa, I continuously check the flavor/texture/seasonings and adjust them accordingly
         to gain a similar flavor profile to what I typically serve.  Afterall, unless someone is a masochist, why would they keep
         eating something that they do not like.  It is extremely important to me when I prepare food that it looks good, smells
         good and tastes good – this effort is what I refer to as putting “love in your food” – the true caring of what/how is put
         on the plate for your guests to appreciate.

         These days there are so many television shows and internet options to learn about creating/plating food.  Our
         Culinary/Pastry Arts Programs are a more substantiate way to determine if you would like to pursue a career, or at
         least your passion, of adding that secret ingredient (“love”) in your dishes.  The best part of taking culinary and/or
         hospitality classes at MCCC is that you are provided useful information that can assist you both personally and
         professionally.  In addition to the academic assignments, you are strongly encouraged to work in the field (internships
         are required) and practice your culinary skills at home…homework you can eat….Wow!!!
         Once you learn and become proficient with basic knife skills and cooking techniques, you can begin creating new dishes
         of our own.  As I always say to our students, it's not rocket science, it's food.  The arts, and sciences, of culinary &
         pastry arts (along with Culinology/Food Science), allow you to experiment with flavors and design plate presentations
         that can please your guests visually as well as stimulate their salivary glands with the desire to relish in your culinary
         conception.  Food is possibly the most celebrated item(s) on Earth.  We sit together to “break bread” during good times
         and bad times – often, it becomes the highlight of any special event.  Therefore, its creation deserves your time and attention – your love.  I truly enjoy preparing food
         with friends and family.  Hopefully, this will inspire to take a few classes with us to learn more about food to either become more adept at home, or even venture forward
         in the hospitality field for your career.  Your knowledge gained can aid you with new found “love”.

                                                                           Chef Fee and I invite you to visit our website and campus.  Then, we really hope that you
                                                                           will decide to join us for a class, whether it is Credit or Non-Credit and discover or
         Since Summer is approaching, I provide you with the
                                                                           rediscover your passion for food…maybe it can even become your career!  We have
         inspiration of the recipe that my daughter Maddie and I           numerous partners looking for
         created for this article (and ourselves years ago).  This         knowledgeable
         dry rub recipe has such versatility that it can work well         students/graduates to join their
                                                                           organizations…so please check
         on proteins and/or vegetables.  I encourage you to try it
                                                                           out our website and, if
         with family/friends and adjust it to your tastes.  Hope to        interested*, please register for
         see many of you in my Fall Food Preparation I course              classes, and spread the word,
         beginning in September.  Again, have a wonderful                  today!
                                                                           *As a note to my loyal readers, I
                     Chef Daddy and Daughter Maddie's                      will be teaching a Thursday
                      Summer BBQ Dry Rub Seasoning                         evening, Food Preparation I
         1 cup packed light brown sugar                                    class (introductory class that
                                                                           covers basic knife skills along
         1 Tablespoon granulated white sugar
                                                                           with cooking techniques and a
         2 teaspoons ground black pepper                                   variety of recipes).  The class will
         1 teaspoon coarse ground pepper                                   held every Thursday evening
         ½ teaspoon ground white pepper                                    from 5:30 pm – 10 pm at MCCC
                                                                           (West Windsor campus), from
         1 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning blend
                                                                           9/6/18 – 12/13/18 – space is
         1 teaspoon dried mustard                                          limited – so please register
         2 Tablespoons fine sea salt                                       today!
         2 teaspoons cumin
                                                                           For more information, please
         1 ½ teaspoons garlic powder
                                                                           visit our website at
         1 ½ teaspoons onion powder                              
         2 teaspoons smoked paprika
         Whisk all ingredients together until incorporated, store in air tight   Thanks for reading and get
                                                                           ready for Summer!
         container until ready to use.  Yields approximately 2 cups of dry
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