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                    Steinert High School Class of 1968

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          Excerpts of Remarks by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ)
         Not only has Justice Alito distinguished himself as a brilliant member of the high court, known for his impeccable honesty, logic, respect for the rule of law and incisive
         questioning and opinions, but at his Senate confirmation hearing in 2006, he eloquently spoke of the people closest to him—his wife Martha-Ann and two children, his
         parents, a grandfather who worked at Roebling Steel—and Hamilton Township.
         The former Steinert High School Student Council President and 1968 class valedictorian, who went on to serve as Deputy Assistant Attorney General during the Reagan
         Administration, U.S. Attorney and a member of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, told the Senate: “I got here, in part, because of the community in which
         I grew up.  It was a warm but definitely an unpretentious down-to-earth community…I have happy memories and strong memories of those days, and good memories of
         the good sense and the decency of my friends and neighbors.”
         Naming the Steinert High School library in honor of Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. recognizes a person of extraordinary achievement, faith and goodness.
               Beloved BRHS Retired Teacher Donates Rare Horn to the

                                                 Metropolitan Museum of Art

                           Mr. Karl Megules....In memory of his late wife, Natalie Gerepka Megules
                                                 Karl I. Megules, retired in 2002 from the Bordentown Regional School District where he was the
                                                 instrumental music director for 35 years has donated a very rare Lehnert E flat Bass Tuba to the
                                                 Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC where it is now on display in their newly renovated music
                                                 Mr. Megules, along with his dear deceased wife, Natalie, co-founded the Trenton Brass Quintet Plus
                                                 One and the Garden State Tuba Ensemble....which was one of the first professional tuba ensembles
                                                 in the country.
                                                 Mr. he was affectionally called by his students, and his wife had six wonderful children.
                                                 Alicia, Mary, Celeste, Karl D., Charles, and Natalie E., who are all accomplished musicians.
                                                      MET Brass Curator,
                                                  Bradley Stauchen-Scherer
                                                       with Karl Megules

           “What excites and inspires me to strive for excellence are
           the young people and my love of music.  This powerful
           collaboration, which enables me to mold and motivate
           young musicians to progress from practice room to
           performance hall, is tremendously exciting.  It is the fuel
           that sustains and inspires me to pass on this wonderful
           art of music that has been called “one of humankind’s
           greatest achievements”.  Karl I. Megules
              About the Lehnert Eflat Bass Tuba
        This instrument has the name “Centennial” on the bell
        and also the designation ‘Patent Pending 1875,  Most
        likely on display at the 1876 Centennial celebration in
        Philadelphia.  Mr. Lehnert was a German immigrant who
        settled in Philadelphia and was a well known brass
        instrument maker.
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